15th March

15th March...

If at all I like a day in a calender, if at all I wait for the arrival of a day it is this day 15th March!!

There are few very strong reasons for me liking this day.. one is that 32 years ago it was on this day that my parents got married and "my family" started.. that alone is one of the biggest event of my life and adding to that there is one more important thing which makes me to sit on cloud 9. let me recall what actually happened.. believe me I remember every moment of that day...
Five years ago, 15th March,2005..

Time 9AM: I am sitting in the veranda h of my  house trying to take my thoughts away from something.. my mother is shouting from the inside saying "Dont feel tensed.. whatever has to happen will happen".. I was just nodding my head...

Time 10AM: I sat just beside the phone awaiting phone calls.. but the phone didnt ring.. I'm not sure whether me calling will get reply or not.. becasue most of my friends have gone to college. I didnt go because I want that first hand experience only for me!

Time 11AM: Now I got my Instrumentation and Control Engineering book and trying to read it! For me its one of the most boring things I have ever read but still I am reading it.. After a while I started reading as if I am chanting some mantras..but the phone is not ringing even now!!

Time 12Noon: No ringing of the phone even now!!! I'm saying to myself  "Chalo Bangalore..Tension nahi lene kaa"..
and at 12:20PM finally the phone rings... as expected ravi called me on however even he dont have the news i was waiting for and I knew that..
within minutes I starting peddling my favourite vehicle and reached a placed called Bharat Institute of Technology Systems..Yeah! I spelled it right, dont think too much about it. its just a cyber cafe which we regularly visit!

the environment over there was anxious people were talking different things.. that guy got that this person was disqualified etc etc and once i reached there people asked me about my position. My reply was that I am not aware as I didnt move out of my house.. then ravi started looking for my result and praveen started dialing the chennai number.. however I was standing idle waiting which one would give me the result soon and even nervous question was what will be the news?

After a few minutes ravi started screaming something which I could not understand in the first go however from his face I could make out that something was good.. once  I reached the computer I saw it was   "AIR: 51 and 97.13%"
that figure made me forget all my effort which I have taken in the last four years.. true!! the GATE rank was the first step of making my dream a reality... it was in 2001 that I have taken a sankalpa to get through GATE with a good percentile.. and it became a reality on 15th March 2005!!

thats why I long to cross this day every year, I wait to meet this day everyday ;) ;)

sarvejana sukhinobhavantu!!



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