Remarkable voyage

last tuesday at about 5:35pm i left hall-4 to leave for RLy station and from there to western India, chasing my dream. though the journey is a bit tough starting from north central railway to western central railway through northern railway I enjoyed most part of it with the two perry mason novels I carried. then i reached Ahmedabad at 19:30hrs on 20th Dec. As usual I went to the wrong address(donno wn i go to exact address :( ) called the organizers, troubled them a lot and even lent Rs 10/- from one of the organizers. they were so cardial and helpful. after that I've been allotted a Dorm along with some ppl from Tamilnadu. they were so verbose in tamil that there hardly any English word in their chat. then I understood why my non AP frens scold me a lot when i talk with my co andhra frens in Telugu. but never mind its my right to talk in the language which i like. though i was with them chattin about their university, their studies etc my mind was filled with the presentation which I had make the next day. Next day I was there in the registration and Dr Pankaj Chandra met us inviting to the conference informally.then the conference started in the CIIE building of IIMA. this building was the latest constructed one and i'm the one to inaugurate it. I feel previlaged to do dt. I presented exactly wt i thought and was able to clear some of the doubts posed. I asked one person to take a snap of mine while i'm speaking but he didnt do dt. he said he was very sorry for that as he indulged himself into my seminar. dt really boosted me a lot. some of the questions asked and feed back given will always remain precious in my memory. following my presentation there were some worthful presentations made by ppl from IITD and Wright State Univ respectively. after the session we have a gud tutorial on Pseudo Random numbers and I recalled my fren Prabhakar at that moment. he would have loved to be there. just after the presentation a person came 2 me and congratulated me I read his name, University on the Id card as Dr sethuraman frm Melbourne. I felt nice about it. later on Dr Pankaj Chandra informed us about him and then I felt proud that he congratulated me. he is the one who has the rare honour of studying at wharton and teaching at wharton. he has always taught the "best of the best" it may be in Wharton, or in IIMA or in Melbourne. his speech on ways of teaching was too gud to miss. Icant even forget the starting statement which says: " tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn"
Amidst of attending some gr8 presentations I met many gr8 ppl from academics as well as ffrom the industry. ppl from comps like TATA STEEL, JDA India, HSBC, Decision Crafts etc has come to the conference apart from some civil servants. Also the conference has been weighed double by the presence of ppl from ISB, IITs and IIMs. in b/n i met a prof from pondicherry who is a tamilian. he started talking with me in tamil(he inferred dt i'm a tamilian by viewing my name) and answered him in english like dt it wnt for about 15min before I capitulated dt I didnt understand tamil. on the next day we had the opening cermony by the ex- director of IIMK, a stal wart in the field of operations. mean while i had taken numerous photos as i took a cam with me. after completing the seminar i was feelin very happy dt i started the conference. may be i was too proud of me, so God set the stage for counter also. believ me i'm the last one to leave IIMA. my train was late and i'm about to miss the registration at IIT but i inquired well about trains and made a couple of break journeys slept on the wooden tables of Rly platforms what else! did evrythin possible 2 reach IITK in time.


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