the placements

it was at 12:31pm on the day of world's human rights i got a call which is much awaited. it was from an unknown number and made me take it easy. a call from adhiraj of stats dept who is coordinating our interviews in symphony. the conversation lasted for only 23seconds still that remains as one of the crucial conversations i ever made. he jus said "U made it" i checked once again whether i'm listenin or not! yes it was true he said dt. and by that my job search ended with an entry in to the symphony solutions, bgl. In fact it was a much awaited one because of the three consecutive setbacks i faced. HSBC was a narrow chance and i still couldnt account for my rejection in the interview stage. Genapct was a bolt from the blue. I'm jus out of it in the written itself. to be frank I'm damn shocked. at this point of time I dare to say that the SPO has failed in that regard. Had it been scheduled after the GE there might be more chance for me. and Market Rx was the one i least wished to go. May be God knew dt and they rejected my resume(As i'm a 7pointer). I was full of disappointment and agony. At this point of time my classmates stood on behalf of me nd boosted me a lot. A couple of them were tryin 2 contact iimb regd the symphony test. and after some anxious moments symphony allowed us into the written test. before the written test my fren's recalled that i'm among the few who cleared hsbc written test. I said the same to myself. its an on stats, competing with stats students(who r in stats for 5yrs) and I'm a C grade student in stats. only thing i thought is to keep my best possible efforts. thanx to google which helped me to go thru several case studies in stats. At last the written test has started and i'm shocked to see the given case I couldnt make nythin out of it. so i started the paper from the last solved all the apti ques. then i observed a tag line above the case "10-15mins for calculation and make suitable assumptions where ever neccessary". After seeing this i felt it may be an easy case after a while got the required idea and solved it conviniently. After the exam i went to Ashokz had my dinner nd went 2 study again but i was thinking of it untill samtat called me to say that i'm thru to the final interview nxt morning. nxt day the 10th, the day where all the exceptionals of the world were recognised by the name of Nobel Prizes. I was the second to enter the panel. the interview was very cardial. they didnt spoke ny -ve word. it was more like explaination of my projects and future aspirations. It lasted for 25mins and my frens fixed dt i'm thru. the result was to be delivered by 10:30am but they couldnt manage it. so it was delayed to 2pm. but they were faster than wt i thought and declared the results at 12:31pm itself. two things which scared me more than the interviews were the breaking of the raksha and the rudraksha which i wore in my neck. this happened on 30nov,1st dec respectively. ppl may call me superstitious but I believe in HIM. as my buddy kept the msg "Hav faith in Him" I 've it. dts why all my mails start with "with the eternal grace of the God and....."


Anonymous said…
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Karthik, may be the Almighty wants to shape you further in terms of your personality and probably he dont want you to relax, so he might have given some trouble in the form of some setbacks as you have mentioned and immediately gave the right place. Sometimes though there is our effort, results are different. May be you are required there and so you are there today. Best of Luck in your career, my brother and a friend.

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