human relations

the title may appear strange and curious but its proper. of late i've the habit observin ppl nd happenings around me. because of some disastrous things happend in the last 15months i thought of makin an update with a title 'galz- God's only mistake' but then i'll be biased in my opinion. so i hesitated to post dt idea. today in the morinin while sleepin(these days i'm sleepin frm 9am -7pm) i recalled a story from 'chandamama' which i read many years ago. some how i felt the story was very much relevent to the present day. here goes the story:
"once upon a time there lived a bramhin who has learn all the vedas nd upanishads. but his father wants to see him as a poet so he started learning dt nd soon became a poet. because of his natural talent nd the effort he made, he was capable to tell poems instantaneously given a topic. Identity is the real return for an artist. so his father asked the bramhin to meet a great wealthy merchant in the town nd get felicitated by him, so that people will come to know abt him. Obeying his father's orders the bramhin started from his home early in the morning, while in the middle of the journey he saw a cart goin in the same direction and asked for lift. A middle aged person was in the cart nd he allowed the bramhin into the cart. knowing that the bramhin was a poet he asked to tell some poems on him which the bramhin did conveniently. by the mid of the day the bramhin the cart certain point where the both has to take diff routes. so the bramhin got down to leave. while sending the bramhin off the person gave bramhin a sum of 20/- which is worth half a day to him. then the bramhin found a field where water is available nd took his lunch which he carried from the home. there he met the farmer who is cultivating that field. as that farmer is also goin to take rest he asked the bramhin to join him to his garden. Finding about the poetry of the bramhin the farmer asked him to tell poems about him and his wife. and the bramhin did it with ease. in the evenin while the bramhin started to leave the farmer payed him 30/- which is worth a day to him. Finally the bramhin went to the house of the great merchant he thought and informed the servants about his poetry. they informed him that the merchant was out on an important work and they 've dispatched the msg to him. being cognizant about the bramhin's arrival the merchant came home soon and listened to the poetry of the brmahin after the session concluded the merchant felicitated him nd payed an amount of 100/- Elated bramhin reached his home and told all the story to his wife. she said dt the farmer and the cart rider are great persons who gave you his day's worth. where as the merchant gave only 100/- which is almost nothin to him. the bramhin replied dt "though they gave me their day's worth they treated me as an element of time pass in their free time. where as the merchant canceled as his works for me and came back as soon as he knew abt me. anywhere its not how much they show you is important its how much you mean to them is important. thats why the merchant is considered as a great one"
this is the story i recalled and found that it was very much relevant to the present day relations. by tellin this story i am not leading the readers to any conclusions. every reader of this story can make their own conclusion...


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