A day to remember!!!

well, its 2:41AM (IST) now and I'm feelin drowsy, I've already switched the system off but agained logged on to make this update. the only purpose is to recall the same day last year. Same time last year I was suffering with fever of 102 degrees nd unable to get up from the bed, still I dont forget dt day. all through the day I couldnt wake up from the bed, still I cherish dt day. I hardly talked with anyone but couldnt afford miss it. yes, certainly dt day stands special in my life. coz its on dt day my sweetest sibling entered into another phase of her life. the occasion was a much awaited one as its the first function of my family. I has to face quite some problems in order to attend the wedding. also carryin the wedding gift given by my frens here proved to be a tougher task. some how I reached home and exactly on the day of marriage I fell ill. even then i enjoyed it. coz it stands special for me in many ways. may be due to work i had to do or due to the relation we got, or due to the number of my frens attended(only 1!). A typical feature of her is the ability to fight back nd one cant ignore her helpin nature. I witnessed many instances where she faced setbacks, sometimes even scolded for others sake(majority time for me only :D ). being the eldest she very much knew her responsibilities and what is expected from her. I still remember the days when she used to wake up at 5am in the morning so as to take me to tution at 5:30am. even when i'm in btech she is ready to fight with any one only to save my fren. (even i couldnt dare dt!).she always stood beside me in every turn of my life(in childhood to pinch me nd now to support :) ). dts why its her to whom I called first after seeing my GATE-05 result. I definitely feel previlaged to have her. nd so I dedicate this update to her once again wishin her all the very best.
recently while orkuttin, i've went thru a profile of a person named himabindu. I found her blog very much attractive coz of her poems. following is one such poem which suits this update. and I sincerely convey my gratitude to himabindu garu.

Akka!O Aratipandu tokka!
Tinnaava maaku teliyakunda tapalachekkaa
Anduke paddayi debbalu neeku enchakkaa
Baaga kudirindaa neeku tikka?
Akkaku nenu muddu
Anduke istaa danikoka guddu
Ayinaa emi anadu adi nannu
Endukante akkakku nenante praanam.
Ammalaa annam pedtundi
Naannalaa bujjagistundi
Bammalaa kadhalu cheptundi
Taatayyalaa nannu aadistundi.
Akka ante naakentoo ishtam
Anduke Akkaku icchhanu EE kavita ankitam.


ravi said…
that was an awesome one buddy..I can see your sister beaming with pride after reading this.... anyways convey my wishes too on our sister's Marriage day.... Way to go boyyyyyyy!!!!...

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