Happy Birthday to my blog

its almost two years since i started blogging. it was my friend ravi who asked me to start one to share my thoughts and instincts. In a period of two years i made 39 posts and a member of four other blogs. i started blogging as a hobby but now when ever i feel anything touching or impressing i feel 'should write about this in my blog'. (may be i got addicted to this). Apart from my own posts i could read the posts of many other people which turned into a great value addition to me. Many people ask me why do u post things in your blog? the answer is very simple 'I LIKE MY BLOG'. Its more than a friend to me. Blog is one of the most important things of my life (Second only to my diary) because this poor internet page can never contradict me, can never betray me either and can never defy my will :) Also this page records all the important happenings of my life. it witnessed my placement and the agony i went through in that period. It completely held the record of my Varanasi trip (which i cherish the most), it cherished my sister's wedding anniversary and absorbed the agony when i posted on 'human relations'. It noted down my experiences in IIM-A and the hilarious incident at the Nellore Rly Station. I could express all my anger on Indian Cricket no where on the earth but in my blog.
so after doing all these things in my blog i thought its my responsibility to thank the blogger.com and my co bloggers who supported me time to time and all of those who bothered read what ever crap i wrote.
thank you very much for you support


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