The God Father

people following my blog might be amazed to see the title. because till now i never touched any topic related to movies and when ever possible criticized them (particularly the tollywood). but now i feel to write about one of the greatest movie series Hollywood have ever seen. i felt curious when i saw 'The God Father' at the top of imdb top-10 and decided to watch, once i read a part of the novel.(if you have patience to read the e-book mail to me). so whats there to learn from that movie? this post is just to state whats special in that and what can be learn from that. I am not going to enter any debate which goes like 'are movies there to teach anything?' or 'Does people really learn things from movies?'

the movie started with Marlyn Brando claiming himself as the God Father and very soon one realizes its all about the gang war between the various mafia groups in New York city. it clearly tells what are the qualities for becoming a don. In the second part Vito Carleone claims that the neighborhood says he is a man who knows how to return a favor. the way he kills the local don and the don Cici in Italy (who killed his father) explains his planning prowess and the exceptional way of executing a plan. similarly Mike plans the assassination of the cop and Solozzo in the restaurant and flies away to Italy from there. In all the parts of the movie, important thing which is internally elicited is the importance of human relations. when a person from Mike's group is called before the enquiry committee in the second part he says 'I belong to Corleone family and work for that family' the opening scene of the movie itself shows love of Don for the people whom he loves. (the dialogue 'you never kissed my hand and said God Father' is just superb) and when Sony was killed the same Don says 'I am here to request a favor from you' the first part of the series shows how the Don over comes the problems caused by the other groups where as in the second part it explains how he over comes the problems from his family members. though his brother tries to kill me he says 'you are still my brother' but once he refuses to join the family he assassinates him at the end of second part. It is in this part he hands over all his family affairs to Tom Hagen, his attorney. so, lets go to our basic question 'what can one learn from the movie?' it is this: the value of relation is not by the way two people are related but by the way they are treating each other. Mike calls Tom Hagen as his brother and gives away all the power to control New York affairs to him.

Apart from these the movie has the BEST actors of Hollywood. the characterization of Don is too good. the roles played by Marlyn Brando and Robert Die Nero are simply ultimate and both of them certain deserved the academy awards.
some of the dialogues which i like the most are:
'you never kissed my hand and said God Father'
'keep your friends close and enemies closer'
'its all business'
'if history has taught us anything, is it that we can kill any one any time'


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