Another new year...
but before going into the new year its our responsibility to introspect our activities in the year that has just passed. what that year gave us? for me the year of 2007 stands unique in my life. i reached the second stage of my life. Completing my formal education I entered the corporate to face the real time challenges. the year started well for me as I was there in my native place for the most of Jan met Ravi over there after 1.5 years and had a good time with him. then returned to IIT to complete my thesis and in the months of Feb, March and April I worked with Dr. Anoop Singh for the National Workshop on Project Finance through which i learned a lot of things and met many experts of the trade. Also I met Prof. Zeleny , Olga and traveled to Agra and Jaipur along with them which was again a value adding experience to me. While my professional journey was going places I had serious set backs on the personal front. Many of my friends went through worst of times which bothered me a lot. There are many days when i could not properly sleep. For the first time Ravi felt like coming out of US. Though it was very hurting I still believe its all DIVINE and it will certainly help us in the future. In the months of April and May i concentrated mainly on my thesis work and in the mean while Vimp Sir came to my rescue on various aspects. Till June I was in IIT itself and in the last week of May two of my friends left IIT and thats just a beginning. Even I have to leave by 12th June and thats it. End of an era. End of a great joy in my life. End of my IIT life.
Again on the personal front the month of May was one of the worst possible ones. I lost a close relative of mine, a teacher of mine . Hope all these happenings have a divine purpose and it will serve all of us.
In June I enjoyed my time with my family and relatives though missed my brother's wedding ceremony. Also, I had been to Hyd and had some good time with my sister . Then in July I became a Symphonian and a Bangalorean with a group of enthusiastic people around me. In the later months I found myself in the working team which is headed by the very person who interviewed me. On the personal front I met great well wishers in the form of Rajnish sir and Sachin sir. After meeting them I feel fortunate not for studying in IIT but for studying in a place where they studied. In October I became a Sahaj Marg Abhyasi knowing which many commented that I'm going to become a sansayi, I welcome their criticism. Also in the same month my sister's marriage got settled and I was very happy for many such reasons. Finally the month of December has come and I attended a personality development course called the landmark Forum. It is of very great significance because according to some website it is the second most adventurous work on the planet, next only to space traveling. In the last week I had been to my Godavari trip which is a great treat for me.
Overall the year of 2007 gave me all sorts of experiences which an ideal life needs. thanx for the people who helped in the due course.


Ashok Kumar said…
Hi Karthik, advanced Happy new year wishes for 2008.

I know about Sahaj Marg principles, as my father himself is an abhyasi.

I too have attended to few discourses in Cuddapah branch last time when I went to my home.

All the best!

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