an hour @ rly station..

world consists of many comic characters arou8nd us. only we 've to observe them. I take it as my biggest nd funniest work ever available. I do laugh a lot regd many things which ppl coin 'silly' r 'little'. it was on the very early hours of 24th jan i entered nellore rly station with a heavy luggage in my hands. as usual the RTC bus i boarded in kdp left me some where away frm the station and i had to walk gud 20mins to reach the station. after reachin i was very happy to know for the first time my train was in time. I couldnt believe it, coz it nevr comes in time. even though its in time i've 2hrs of buffer in the station. i went to the waiting room which is common to all categories. I sat beside a person who covered his body in a kashmiri blanket. I observed a couple of police men sittin at the two corners of the station and taking nap. they seems to be gud sleepers. i vouch for them because of their snore :) I was carrying a worst novel named 'otherside of midnight' (God knows how censor ppl allowed it into the country) as i dont 've any option left i opened that book and trying 2 kill some time. 30minutes passed like this and i went out so as check my name in the reservation charts but couldnt find the charts itself. as i came back i saw a person sittin in the seat which i sat earlier. i sat in an other seat. he said to the person in blanket 'look.. how he is sleepin!' by showing the sleeping security gaurd. dt guy nodded his head. though i buried my head in the book i was aware about their deeds. then he scolded him by some unparliamentary language(which dont deserve place in my blog!!!). and then started the show.. he asked the policemen 'sir, what time do we 've the train for hyd?' he replied without opening his eyes 'all r away by now, but therez one at 7:30 in the morning'
man: so i've to wait 7 more hours for dt?
pol: i think so.
man: then better i go home and take a nap.
pol: may be.
man: but y did the announcement said therez is a train at 3am?
pol: is it. in dt case ther might be.
man: then y r u here. i enquired dt thers is a train at 3 but u r givin me false info.
pol:my job is not dt. i'm thinking else.
man:i got all the info there only but found u here sleeping. so i asked.
pol:so wt?
man:u ask this person in the there(person in blanket) who can vouch that u said me wrong info.
pol: dont irritate me.
man: he has heard all our conversation and can be a witness of all the wrong info u gave.
pol: wt did u do? talking this many legal issues!
man:i work with an engineering company in hyd.
i hail from mydukur. my brother-in-law is the local MPTC. he owns a marraige hall also.
pol:so wt u want to say?
man: i want to say that u r sleeping in your duty hours taking salary. and u r misleading the passengers. even he can vouch for that.
pol: wt did u say am i sleeping? i'm jus relaxing in the late night. this is not sleep.
pol2: leave it yaar. dont disturb other passengers.(he is sleeping in the other corner of the room)
pol: lets ask this guy wt can he vouch for?
man in blanket: bhai saab hame chennai jana hain. hum Bhopal se aa raha hain. subah chey baje hamara ghadi hain. hum uska intazaar kar raha hain.

its 2am by then and i'm no mood to miss the train which is goin 2 come at 2:10am. so i came out of the room allowing them to continue with their conversation.
can any one guess wt would 've happnd in the nxt hour before the man left for hyd??


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