Are we really anti terroristic??

results of terrorism in India:
  • lost two prime ministers
  • serious attack on country's business capital
  • Attack on symbol of democracy: the Parliament
  • innumerable deaths of security personnel
irrespective of all these things Indian premier is not ashamed to say that he lost sleep becoz of the plight of a doctor in Australian jail. he has conveniently forgot the fact that the person is charged on serious allegations and his name is connected with the attempt on the glasgow airport. Had they succeeded in their plans it would have been a repetition of sept 11, 2001. who on the earth can forget that black day in the history of humanity. a loss of thousands of lives and innumerable loss of property. even after witnessing such a situation indian govt. as well as the media want to save a terrorist supporter. the media made him a national hero and the govt. is at its very best to save him. y shudnt he be prosecuted as per the OZ norms y shud india involve in b/n ? irrespective of nationality, religion and race. Vote politics cannot intervene in this kind of serious issues which are related to country's international image. again the congress party want to have the image of 'muslim savior' and kept the image of nation at stake. Times of India keeps it in the first page that he has been treated badly in Oz. did the media cared for any of those unfortunates who r in the Indian prisons for various fake reasons? why cant media probe into such instances? but they dont the only reason is biased towards certain communities. which is awkward on its part. if the situation prevails in the same way the day is not so far when the UNO calls India as a 'Rouge State' :(


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