Top 10

its jus more than a month and a half that i've been kicked out of iitk. jus as a nostalgic thought keeping this top 10 list.

Top 10-comedy incidents:
10. Pandey's angry at sardar regarding printouts.
9. Yogi imitating pankaj sir.
8. Raka pleading Yogi for taking subject.
7. Adi's mimicry at the farewell party.
6. sam and his sister's episode.
5.GILC live show on hostel day.
4.vink asking JC abt the notice board.
3. BB's story abt shooting.
2.ramlal's theory abt sam's marraige.
1. me turning topper in symphony exam. (carrying C grade in stats)

special comedy incidents:
prof. Zeleny falling on the floor.
Daddu kicking yogi.
Deepak playing with 'ACTION.'
'Bus Party' to Adi lead by Abhineet.
forgetting Major while travelling to Vivek's wedding.
'Abhineet Gayab' on one drunken night.

Top-10 combinations:
9. sam-KS
2.Deepak-yogi-BB (bro! u rock. wish 2 stay much more time with u)


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