RIP Dr. Kalam

Jai Guru Deva,

Never thought I will get back to blogging for this reason. Dr. Kalam who is one of the biggest motivators of my life had passed away. It is said that a man's death tells the life he has lived. He didnt undergo any pain, he didnt needed anybody to support him,  he didnt needed anybody to give medication, he just passed away in a blink of the eye. Lived like a legend passed away so smoothly. God bless him!

If I were to recall my association with Dr. Kalam, I had to go back to my engineering days when one of my senior informed me about him. Then I started reading about him and was very impressed. Then came the book "Wings of Fire", which made an ever lasting impression on my thought process. Frankly, till that point I believed earning money is called success. But after reading this book and understanding his thought process, I realized success actually mean hell of things ;-)

As a matter of fact, after knowing about him, after reading "Wings of Fire", I had set the Bharatha Ratna as my goal of life. Even today, my google profile pic is the photo of Bharatha Ratna medal(it was sent to me by a friend, God Bless her). However, now I realize that making a positive contribution to the society should be the ultimate purpose of our life. Any expectation of return is nothing but a disservice to the cause itself. Now, if I think of goals for my life the only thing that comes to my mind is to make a lasting positive contribution to the society that I am part of.

As he passed away, Dr. Kalam leaves a legacy of patriotism, commitment and devotion to the principles. He was always an Indian first and a muslim next, a very rare species found in India. He was committed to his duty like which inspired the whole nation. He was so principled that when the Americans shamelessly strip searched him, he didnt complain about it. That tells a lot about his principles. I was dumbfounded by that gesture. Take a bow Dr. Kalam! When a self proclaimed bollywood badshah faced similar situation he cried foul and created a big scene, probably to earn some sympathy from people.

As Gandalf says in LOTR, "Death is just another passage that everyone had to take". So be it! After all no bond is permanent, no living creature is eternal. Men live, men die but their legacy stands for generations.. Men like Dr. Kalam continue to inspire people for several generations to come. Feel proud that I lived in the age of Dr. Kalam!

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,



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