Why I like LOTR???

Jai Guru Deva,

There are a lot of things that I like and I know why I like. some gives me the comfort I want, some which has the color of my choice etc etc. and then there are people. I like some people and dont like some. I dont reason out this phenomenon because I believe its all the bonding of karma. Every human I meet, and every human who leave me are all result of some karma which I cannot fathom. Few of my best friends hold extremely opposite views to me in several sociopolitical/personal things they stood by me in some fight or the other. Then there few of my great friends who made a fool out of me and labelled  me as junk. I cannot understand both these episodes, rather all my logical deduction failed to explain these two phenomenon. so be it!

Oops.. I think I'm not doing justice to the title, its about Peter Jackson's Magnum Opus LOTR. Though it is written by Tolkein I attribute it more to Peter Jackson than the writer. Whenever I see this movie I feel so engrossed and connected to a lot of characters. Though Aragorn is my favourite character of the whole series I feel bonded with a lot of others. When I think of why I'm liking some of the characters so much, I couldnt get an answer right away. It took me a lot of thinking to understand the invisible bond.

Primarily several characters in the movie take a very high ethical ground. This I feel is the reason why I like them so much. They stand by their fellowship through darker and harder times. In the battle of Helm's Deep when the army of Elves comes to Rohan there is an amazing dialogue "Our forefathers have fought together and died together; we came to honour the bond". The elves know that they may die but they didnt desert their friends. This noble behaviour is what differentiate ordinary mortals to great ones. In the pages of history, people are liked for their talent, loved for their beauty but respected for character!!

It is because of the character exhibited, that I feel so bonded with them. At the final war at mordar, Aragorn says "for Frodo" before jumping into the enemy lines. I think this is the exhibition of power. One of the biggest misconceptions of our time is thinking power as controlling somebody. In reality, power is giving someone the control to do things. Everybody around feel empowered with the presence of Aragorn and Gandalf. That is power. I envision my life to be that power which people would rely on. I think I have achieved that in personal and professional spheres but it would take me a lot more time to be that in my social zone of operation. Whenever I see my Guruji, I feel that he has achieved that level. Wherever is goes, people feel empowered. I think he is the only popular person to go to the war torn Iraq and meet the Yadzi community which is butchered by Islamic terrorists.

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,


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