I am a blesser!!!

Jai Guru Deva,

I would like to inform everybody that I am a blesser now and I can bless people who are suffering. Anybody who is going through any physical/mental/emotional pain can contact me for blessing and I will bless that person. Any one can ask me to bless through comment section of this post. I need not know any kind of identity regarding the person who is asking the blessing. You can ask blessing for any person in your circle. I will bless that person. I need absolutely no details of that person.

What is "becoming blesser"?
Blessing a beautiful gift Guruji Sri Sri Ravishankar ji had given to the mankind. In reality this was an ancient tradition in Hindu religion which was conveniently forgotten in the course of time. Art of Living have a course called Blessing course where one will undergo certain processes and meditations so as to become a blesser. This does not mean others are not eligible to bless people but this is a way to have some satisfaction as you are contributing something towards the society you live in. Blessing course is an amazing experience where you will win over a lot of negative emotions and cross the barriers like "mine", "yours" "theirs".

Why people should be blessed?
Often we experience certain situations where our mundane intelligence is not enough to solve the problem at hand. At such scenarios none other than divine intervenes to ensure we deal with the situation properly. Blessing is the way one gets the divine support they are looking for. In my life, I had seen people suffer and my mortal capabilities are not enough to support certain people. I feel helpless and guilty in such situations. Now that I am blesser, I bless people whom I cannot support in any other way.

Does Blessing works?
Ofcourse it works. I had personally experienced this several times. But I want to share one particular incident in this regard:
It was in the first week of May 2010, my niece Rishitha had just crossed one month. My sister, my parents and my grand mother had come to Bangalore because of too much heat in Kadapa.(There are two seasons in Kadapa, Summer and Extreme Summer). On the evening of the day they reached Bangalore my sister started screaming with pain at the place of her surgery. Neither my mother, nor my grand mother knew why she is getting the pain.We dont even have the chance to run to any doctor because I dont know of any doctor around. I also moved less than six months ago into that area and have absolutely no circle to talk with. Just before this, I had finished my DSN with Ram Prasad ji and I realized that something called "blessing" is some miraculous problem solving method. Frankly, I didnt give much importance in the first instance because it sounded too impractical. The logical side of my mind didnt agree. Afterall, I am an IITian and that proves that I have a sound logical side :))
However, at that moment my helplessness made me to ask blessing from somebody. I thought of calling Shushmakka to bless my sister but Shushmakka was in TTC and not reachable through mobile. Shushmakka had already become my punching bag with whom I crib, cry and complain about  a million things on this planet earth and about my ownself. Then I went through some of the contacts I had collected in DSN and found that one girl could be a blesser and called her. Luckily she is a blesser and she had talked with my sister for two minutes.. yes only two minutes.. and my sister's pain is GONE. That moment I had understood what Bawa meant when he said "We people in AOL doesnt believe in miracles; we rely on them". Later my sister was fine for two more days until we got an appointment with a proper doctor. Thats the power of blessing!! Till then I had a doubt whether Guruji is God or not.. and should I chose him as my Guru :P but that day I realized that he is God and he had chosen me to be his disciple. Thank you Guruji!!! I know this is very difficult to believe for anyone who is not in the spiritual path. People try to fit everything within the small window of their intellect. Unfortunately, you cannot capture whole of a sea in a small bowl and you cannot convince somebody's intellect in these things which are experiences not maths or physics.

Can we take blessing from anybody else?
ofcourse you can. Just to clarify, when I say "I will bless" its not Karthik; its the eternal almighty present in the whole universe. It is the series of Gurus who had bestowed this planet with their holy presence, it is Guruji Sri Sri Ravishankar ji who is at work. I as an individual is a mere tool, nothing more than that. Whether you take Gangajal from a Copper pot or a mud pot, piousness of the water will not change. Same way, it may be myself or some other xyz you will receive the blessing.

Personally, I take blessing from any blesser(mostly Shushmakka) when I have any critical deliverable at hand or I am going through any rough patch in life.

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,


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