Favorite Song - 2

Jai Guru Deva,

Today I am going to write about a song which I hear back to back.. there are times when I had heard this song continuously for 4-5 times :)

The song is "ఒకే ఒక జీవితం" from the movie Mr. Nookayya. I am not a fan of anyone who came to industry with their father/grand father/brother as a foundation (power star is the only exception to this rule :)). The hero of this movie is Manchu Manoj from Mohan Babu family. As per the rule mentioned above I didnt bother to check the songs or movie. However, after a long time one of my friend suggested this song to me and the lyrics are just mind blowing. The lyrics writer is Ramajogayya Sastri garu.. Actually, the song was written to a tune made for the tamil film. Just cant believe such a thoughtful message oriented song was written for a tune. The situation is to console the actress (didnt bother to know her name) who is mentally down after she is cheated by someone. The beauty of this song is the subtle way it talks importance of smile and being happy.

ఇది మంచి అని ఇది చెడ్డ అని తూకాలు వెయ్యగలవారెవరూ? అందరికీ చివరాఖరికి తుదితీర్పు ఒక్కడే పైవాడు..

This one line sums up a lot of philosophy :)

By virtue of possessing a logical brain capable of thinking, we judge people, objects, incidents and what not, practically everything. sometimes voluntarily and sometimes involuntarily we keep judging all through our lives. But what we mostly miss is the fact that we are nothing more than a bag full of meat and blood. Great warriors, great poets, great kings, ordinary households, the ultimate fate of all of them is becoming manure to mother earth. I remember when Guruji's father passed away in 2011, Guruji said something very profound: "My Father used to walk like a lion; Today he is just a pot of ash. This is the ultimate reality of our life". I always recall this statement whenever I listen to this song. 

పుట్టుకతో నీ అడుగు ఒంటరిగా మొదలైనది లే, బ్రతుకు అనే మార్గంలో తనతోడెవరూ నడవరు లే, చీకటిలో నిశిరాతిరిలో నీ నీడ కూడ నిన్ను వదులును లే, నీవారూ అను వారెవరూ లేరంటూ నమ్మితే మంచిది లే, చితి వరకూ నీతో నువ్వే, చివరంట నీతో నువ్వే.. 

When I heard this part of the song, I recalled the conversation between Dronacharya and his son Ashwathama. Once Ashwathama tells his father Dronacharya that he could not bare the insults of Duryodhana towards Acharya and Grandsire Bhishma, so wanted to fight the Kuruksehtra war from Pandavas side. He also wants Dronacharya to come along with him into the pandavas side. Then Guru Dronacharya tells him that he can go to pandavas side alone because its an illusion that we think one human being is dependent on other and in reality starting from the birth every human being is on his own and his karma is his own liability. In Kurukshetra, every one can chose their side as well as their destiny. However, Ashwathama says it is unthinkable for him to be on the side opposite to his father. Again, the thing that impressed me so much is the profound philosophy of life imbibed in the song so effortlessly and nicely. just loved it!

లోకాన నమ్మకం లేదసలే, దాని పేరు మోసమై మారెను లే, నిను నువ్వు నమ్ముకో.. 

I think I had written too much about trust in the past and suffered a lot because of that damn concept. so dont want to write anything more about the same :)

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,


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