St. John's Koramangala...

it has been a long time since i updated my blog. one reason is the lack of motivation and the other reason is to respect some of my friends' personal feelings. i've not posted this blog yesterday because of only one reason that is this is not written by then :)

well, last thursday after the landmark seminar, i along with my team started backhome (my team consists of my sister and another friend thats all!!) b/n the koramangala police station and the ward #67 bus stop jus before the bata show room we observed a mob and a bike lying on the floor. we stopped and to have look at scene. we saw the people who got injured and from the mob learnt that two men on the bike had hit a car. i asked one man who is on the floor to go to the police station and then to hospital. he refused it saying he wants to go home. and i could not reach the second man properly as he hasnt gave me any answer. so we thought its alright and moved to our car. we had already observed that the car which was involved in the whole drama was placed just behind our car. jus before openin the door shushmakka observed some women in the car and we went to enquire their situation. the older lady in the car said that she is the sister of St.John's medical college principal. by the time we were trying to reach their family on phone the mob has sent the two people to St. John's hospital and were giving all possible suggestions to the two women present in the car. once we started to talk with them we realized that the two women hardly know anything in bangalore apart from St. John's hospital. we thought we can find the address or contact number of the principal in the same college and we reached there. as usual the never ending one ways of bangalore made us to reach mysore and come back. so atlast we reached the hospital and the real drama started here. the person who was injured was totally drunk when he fell down and he could not feel the pain but now he was conscious and started screaming!!! i could listen some 4-5 ppl in beds on different directions screaming with pain. but somehow i'm not much disturbed (u can scold me as inhuman) there i tried to get the mobile number of the principal and none of them gave it :( thanx to the sincerity of the telephone operator. then i asked a medico the way to reach the principal's house. he explained me the route properly and we started to their house. by the time we reached their house it was already 11:30PM and the people in the house were in some festive mood. when the lady said ther was an accident there panicked (i could that in the man's face) the old lady whom we accompanied hugged my sister with the feel of gratitude. at that moment i thought of shouting:

the fun part of the whole drama is a person in the mob was also completely drunk and then giving all possible suggestions as if he owns bangalore. the worst part is when i said this to people all are saying u r so nice to them but next time take care dont enter into problems by involving in those kind of issues. as long as we r not ready to do something for the people who belong to us i guess our education, our social status, our spiritual development in fact our whole life is a mere WASTE. it jus remains of a relation b/n two walls or two chairs


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