operation success but patient DEAD!!!

it was on the auspicious day of Sankranti I had my appraisal discussion. In the discussion I came to know that i got promoted as a consultant and my rating was much beyond my expectation. (more explicit information will be a breach of corporate code of conduct).
Now, I was very happy informed the news to many of my well wishers and started dreaming about the mobile i will buy in Feb, some X i will do in April, another Y i will do in June etc. Then next week I went to Hyderabad and came back to office along with some Karachi sweets. but the news awaiting me was no sweet!! As soon as i entered the office my mgr informed me that there is going to be no increment this year!!! and even worst part is even promotion hike is not given!! I was telling to ppl that my company is working well and there is no problem for me what so ever! but recession has hit me directly right in between my two eyes. Now, here i stand with a promotion in hand and a empty pocket looking at the coming appraisal season. God knows what is going to happen by then!!
But in this whole drama one thing i realised is taht money, certainly is a motivating factor to work that extra yard for the organisation. now i'm finding it very hard to motivate myself to work with the same vigour and heart. but nonetheless i'm keeping my best to do so. After all, I AM a HUMAN. Though the situation is like this I'm not much worried!! and I did not lose my mind. I am thinking about only those things which are concerned to me and which I can actually control. So i'm enquiring about different medications which I can provide to my mother to make her become normal. Thats the top priority in my list at least for the next year or so!!


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