are we going to middle ages???

Middle ages, a time of human history where conflicts, wars, big or small spread all across the globe. there are many reasons for this wars, some are fight against external forces, some are fight within the people of same group, some for power and some for money. but one particular wars which overshadowed remaining is the "Holy Crusades" or "Jihad", whatever you name it!! there are very few moments in my life when I felt ashamed of being a human, and one such moment is when I came to know about crusades. people of two religions killed each other like wild animals and the worst part is that the heads of the two religions endorsed them saying that they will reach "Zenith" if they do so!!

now again after some centuries, we are standing at a similar juncture but this time in a different part of the world. I went through the report prepared by the time magazine about the making of "Mumbai 26/11". In that report the authors mentioned that whoever trained the people for the operation have told them that if the operation is success, they will grant "heaven" to all those participated. this is exactly what the Pope did at the time of crusades. Pope, at that time claimed that the sins of people participating in crusades will be nullified. After reading the story in that I'm feeling that this might be a start of such a carnage again. Already in our country many a life has been taken on the name of religion. And I did not obsevre much criticism in the national media for the comments made by Varun Gandhi. Though channels are covering it, they are playing safe by not condemning it directly. I want to see an India which will prove its mettle to the world as a country not as a community. I think thats where we should differ from Pakistan. if polarisation happens one community is targeted then there is no difference between India and Pakistan. I'm saying again the only way we can become powerful is by standing united. Every Hindu should take the responsibility of protecting Muslim community and every Muslim should stand for the wellbeing of . I see no other way for the development of this country.


Ashok Kumar said…
Dear Karthik, a good one from you! Finally "Religion is for the Soul and not for the Society". If a natural disaster like Tsunami or a volcano erruption occurs, all the humans die. No Allah or Jesus or Krishna will help, because it is all that one Supreme God who destroys the sinful souls on this earth as and when needed.

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