Off late I am listening a lot related to spirituality. Like spiritual gurus, spiritual healing etc etc. But I am just wondering what does people mean by spirituality at a community level. I heard many people saying we connect to God through our guru or we realised God through Guruji. Some how I am apprenhensive of "feeling God" by paying some money. Having said that I mean no insult or disrespect to any of the Gurus or Mullas or Fathers. I am only saying that how different is it from other forms of business? but then why are the Gurus exempted from govt taxes? no one knows! not even God. Thats why I always say religion is the biggest business in this country. There is a period of boom and recession for s/w but there is no recession for spiritual business. I am no atheist and believes in God as any one else. Being an orthodox hindu (thats what people call me) I have no hesitation in saying that no way in the literature you find "feeling God " for some money. People say what ever amount we pay goes for the social service, it might be true but EOD money collection makes it equivalent to any other business. Recently I have heard of a meditation center asking a women to contribute INR 10000 for the sake of their campaigning vehicle. Does meditation needs campaigning? well, I have no answer if people compare it preaching of Christian Missionaries or Islamic organisations. But as a whole these kind of things only constitute to the degradation of the word called "RELIGION". Already Hinduism is near its grave by virtue of several reasons. This kind of attitude will spread across all the religions one after the other and engulf them. It is this kind of systems which provoked Osho to claim "Give me 3hrs and will prove Christianity is a fake".

And there are other kind of people who think that some one taught "spirituality" to them. It sounds to me as first quality rubbish. you learn certain things from others and name them "spirituality" if spirituality is so powerful why did people fought on the name of Gods for centuries? In this regard I'm not in favor of any religion. some say spirituality is very important in life. For me morality is much superior to spirituality. Personally I feel religion teaches you a lot of things like compassion, humility, morals etc. So religion/spirituality should be a way of living a moral and honest life but not living a corrupt life in the name of religion.

For me spirituality means no "feeling God". It is "HUMILITY, HUMANITY and HONESTY". I personally feel that one doesnt deserve to claim spiritual if they lack those three qualities.
I again say "Spirituality=Humility, Humanity and Honesty". My sincere request to people is please dont let our culture/heritage down on the name of psuedo spirituality.

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu



Anonymous said…
the last two paragraphs are awesome !

To me, morality is superior to spirituality ! This sentence summarizes your entire post brilliantly !

I'm of the same views as you ! Tired of these psuedo-spiritualists who lack basic morals a common man has ! And all they live with is lots of hypocrisy !
karthik said…
hi anon..
firstly, you should have given your name.

its true that most of the people are tired of this drama based on religion. really irritating.


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