No computer but have friends!!

its almost four weeks since i dont have a computer with me. When I thought of this kind of life i was apprehensive how i am going to cross this time. but now i am asking myself do i need a computer? i think its not an urgency that i need one. my best friends are always with me and i know i can count on them always. Fortunately they are not humans to dump me out in the need of the hour, they are some of the greatest characters created by the most renowned of authors in the literature. the first among the list is my dearest sherlock. He is virtually a flatmate of mine as the door of my bedroom carries a notice "221B, Baker Street". So he stays along with him and dear watson who narrates all those wonderful stories with clear description. Many a time i get immersed so much that I comfortably skip my food. I feel as if I have participated in all the dangerous rubbers with Doctor Moriarity. Ofcourse my dear friend ensures that I am always safe.

Next one who I am proud of is the little Belgian with an egg shaped head. Agatha Christie christened him as "Hercule Poirot". He tags the weirdest of mysteries as very simple ones with the condition that one should use little grey cells present in the head. I really admire the conviction he carries for the qualities called "order" and "method".All his novels are very much exciting me and "The Murder on the Orient Express" is something I rate as the best detective novel I ever read. thanx a lot Agatha, I owe you a lot!!

Then comes the LA attorney who along with his dynamic lady secretary mesmerizes me with his logical deductions and psychological reasoning. Here is "Perry Mason". This man is as agile as a rattle snake and as swift as a tiger. He has the courage to claim that he specialises in murder cases(source:velvet claws).And I cannot forget the sleepless nights of Paul Drake who caters all the needs of Mr. Mason. Thanx to the adroitness of Lt. Tragg and big headness of Sgt. Holcomb.

with all these people staying along, why should one worry that I am alone? In every sense they are much better than human beings. They cant make a stupid out me nor they can attach some tag like "junk" or "nasty" to me. So ZINDAGI rocks!!!

sarvejana sukhinobhavantu



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