You shall reap What you sow!!

SO here we are! In the middle of a war waged between two enemies, both of whom are dangerous to our survival. On one end we have a government machinery which is keen to destabilize us and on the other, a radical Islamic blood mongers who pledged to target us once they are done with the present case. Is it a situation of concern or joy or anything else? where do we stand now??? In this post I just try to answer this questions with what ever understanding I got by following national/international politics and events for the last 15 years.

the present war happening in pakistan can possibly have three conclusions:
1. Taliban winning the war.
2. A compromise between Pakistani Government and Taliban
3. Pakistani Govt. winning the war.

1. Taliban winning the war.
If this happens then we will not have any danger immediately because Big Cop America will directly attack Pakistan and there will be a direct war between America and Taliban. We might have to give provide some support in terms of logistics. The nuke dimension attached makes the whole thing into a worst nightmare to think of. Given the kind of contacts ISI and Pakistan army has with Taliban, one could rule this possibility out at their own peril. If at all America wins the war with Taliban, even then we are not safe because America is much worse a neigbhour to have than Pakistan. Also, the whole scene will potrayed as another Crusade and God knows how the religious leaders in India will react to that scenario. As everybody knows, Religion is superior to country for many Indian muslims.

2. A compromise
people who are following the news might not opt to consider this but I certainly feel this as a strong possibility. Because, after a certain stage Taliban and Pak Govt will think "enough is enough" and will apply sharia in whole of the country, which would make Talibans more than happy! I am considering this option because there is not much of opposition to Talibans in Pak media and common people. Many leaders of the PPP and PML are talking in favour of Talibans just to gain their support and get control over some geography. The Pakistani media is more concerned about the debates between PML and PPP than the fight with Taliban. The sense of emergency is missing in this regard. you can find an article in DAWN which supports my idea. So if this happens then India will have a real tough time and a direct nuclear war with Pakistan is eventual. So junta be prepared to face anything. This holy land is called as "karma bhumi" and we should perform our karma of protecting this till our last breath.

3. Pakistan Govt wins.
This possibility seems very bleak still it is possible as America can rope in some of its NATO friends who can be handy considering whole of the Af-Pak region as one case. Where does that leave us??? America's influence in the subcontinent will increase by leaps and America will do its best so as to use India as the next strong consumer base.

Overall, this war going on in our troubled nation once again teaches us a fact: "You shall reap What you sow!!" I am astonished to see communities/countries/civilizations could not defy the law of karma,

yes "karmanye vadhikaraste maa faleshu kadachana"

sarvejana sukhinobhavantu



Ashok Kumar said…
Good Article Karthik! When I read the news in the newspaper, I too thought of the same idea, "What you sow, so shall you reap" but in Sanskrit version, "Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha" and Pakistan has done fully against this age-old eternal principle and today there is nobody to save Pakistan, becaue letting US to save Pakistan is something like handing over of Mosque to Church as considered by many muslims of this world, and who knows that may become true also.

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