YEAR After 26/11

an year passed so quickly that people could not believe how it passed!! It all started in the late hours of 26th Nov, 2008. Busy lives of mumbaikars were disturbed by audacious attacks of the enemies who invaded their lives with the only idea of shattering them. Hours turned into days and finally the NSG could clean all the mess clearing the rodents out of the way. Few days passed and the mumbaikar is back to his normal busy life running for local trains, munching vadapav in the trains and finally reaching the destinations just in time!! Whole of the world saluted the stoical nature of the mumbaikar. Bollywood responded that mumbaikars are tough enough to go through the pain, the home minister says what happened was a small incident given the size of mumbai and the whole country shared the pain. But one question people conviniently ignore is "Is the mumbaikar stoical by choice?" a big NO is the answer. the mumbaikar is stoical or pretends to be stoical because he has no other option. He is stoical because he dont want to see the starving deaths of his kids, he dont want to get laid off for the not coming to office. It is because of this compulsion that the mumbaikar is stoical. Similar thing happened when floods damaged Mumbai sometime in 2005-06. poeple compared the floods with katrina hurricane and said mumbaikars are back to work than the Americans, so mumbaikars are great! Mumbaikars are not great for going back to work so soon,
they are great for their commitment to their families as going out mean endangering their own life, they are great for bearing the pain, they are great for silently accepting the failure of the state as their own failure, they are definitely great for living such a life,
they are great because they are "MUMBAIKARS"

sarvejana sukhinobhavantu



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