how fast!!
another year passed..
'2009', a time when many unexpected things happened to me as a person, to the state from which i hail and to my country. let me give a fresh look to what has happened.

the month of January started with me working over the weekend regarding the similarity project, i still remember that i was late to the new year carom championship at my home. Then i had my appraisal discussion on the 13th Jan. It was in the last week of Jan that I spent some time in Hyderabad. i think this is the first time that i spent more than 2 days in hyd. The month of Feb started with the worst news that there is no salary hike this year (worst news of the year). I didnt heed the significance of that decision when i first heard of it. but soon i realized how critical it is!! on the professional front i took on my nemesis for the nth time hoping to make something out of it. As usual it turned out to be another horrible experience where in me as person and we as team were placed in a precarious position. Soon we worked as a team and it really took quite some time to come out of it. On the personal side nothing really was happening and the only productive thing was I started to write my telugu blog more often than before. At that time that's the only refreshing hobby i have!
the months of April and May were marked by function which i didnt attend and the IPL. Firstly, IPL was a treat to watch as I had the luxury of LCD 32" monitor. As an ardent RCB fan i'm disturbed to see my team losing but thats the way it is! the team which i like the least have won the trophy. There might a match fixing scandal behind this as many matches gave dubious results. EOD it was intended for fun and it served the purpose. Apart from this there were the elections and the loss of BJP at the center and TDP at the state had hurt me. Still, I continue supporting the non-congress parties. On the personal front, I could NOT attend some important functions which I'm supposed to attend. Of which, skipping Gayathri's wedding was very much an upset for me. Month of June started with me going to the boiling Lucknow where the two days i spent has reminded me my childhood days in kadapa. phew!! it was nastily hot. the month of July will be reminded for the accident which me and my sister had as well as the mistakes which i made German perfumerie project. Overall the German perfumerie project will remain as something in which i made maximum mistakes, I cant do that many mistakes and that kind of mistakes again. July and August were eventful as I have started living alone, my dear friend Ramu has got married and Krishna (my ex roomie) is blessed with twins. In september , we have started the investigation of SER results in Spain and Holland which was quite value adding in terms of investigating a result.. The month of October will is very memorable as we celebrated a special diwali with Advaith entering my family. He is the first kid in the house only after me..and the Almighty chose Diwali to gift us.. After Diwali Ravi got married which is again a very happy moment in this year. So October passed as a month of special bonanzas!!
then in Nov we thought of the discounters project but opted to start my nemesis again, this time for France. It is proved to be a big challenge till now as things are very different from country to country and similarities/asimilarities are very hard to understand. overall this would be a good experience. On the other side I went to Bokaro to attend my roomie's wedding and eventually passed by Kolkata. My childhood saying of "I went to Calcutta" came true after some 20 years!!
Regarding my personal finances, this year is a reasonably better one than 2008 as most of the times my bank balance was a 4-5 digit figure and it was even a six digit figure for few days (thanks to citibank). Though i took some tough calls, it was a good year..
Overall, though its not a great year on the professional front, I didnt feel that void as i kept myself busy and involved in other things. on the personal front its a fantastic year as my sister's family is back from US , I got a nephew, many of my friends got married.
The best moment of this year is the satisfaction i got after calling my friends asking blood for a poor mother. I called five people and none of them denied my request, in fact they didnt ask me to whom i was asking for!! I'm blessed to have such people as my friends..
The biggest lesson of this year is that salary is a very significant component in motivating oneself to go that extra mile.. I realised the difficulty in motivating myself to give my 100%!! Anyways I evolved as a better,tougher human being ..
2007- I got Job
2008-I got a brother in law
2009-I got a nephew
let time take the onus of filling that blank...

sarvejana sukhinobhavantu



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