Filthy Fourth Estate

Yesterday I had been to a friend's place and was watching some news channels.. every few minutes I observe some opinions or some updates keep breaking on the screen. Of course now every news in this country is a "breaking news" I never really understood what they mean by "breaking"! did the news came out after breaking something? I really dont know!!

"15 Mumbai students committing suicides in 15 days"
what prompted those 15 kids to put an abrupt end to their lives?

as of today this question remains unanswered!!

why is the media running away from probing this?? I have not seen any of the so called "investigative journalist team" making a move in this direction. End of the day this topic also has the potential to increase their TRP because the biggest selling formula in today's media is "Negative sells" but still nothing happened in this direction. If media can make merry about the Arushi case why cant they repeat the same now..The simple reason which I could see is the IPL -Pak controversy!

Majority of the opinions or updates in the TV channels are regarding the IPL-Pakistani player controversy.. once Ramiz Raja says something, later Ajay Jadeja says something else.. and media is too busy to care about other happenings in the country.. I have seen an article in Today's Times of India written by Bobbili Vijay Kumar in the sports column advocating a theory that "Govt is not happy about moving of IPL-2009 out of India and Its the congress's way of settling score with Lalit modi" who cares if a conspiracy is present or not?? these buggers just want some material to fill in their columns and wrote what ever sounds appealing. of course they do ensure that an emotional drama is present in their columns because EOD the mantra is "negative sells"

Expecting unbiased news is too much from today's media as most of the channels/news groups have political affiliations.. Its a fact that the two of the biggest news groups in states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu are under the constant surveillance of their political masters.. And I refrain to talk about channels like TV9 in Andhra Pradesh because I dont like to use profane language in my blog and its a Herculean task to talk about these people without using profane language!

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu



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