Six years to Doom's day!!!

Jai Guru Deva!

It has been six years since the most unthinkable of my life happened.  I call it doomsday because it's the only time of my life I thought of burying myself in the graveyard which was my neighbor then. Its perhaps the most painful moment of my life but I don't have any regrets as to the way I behaved. As I said before I would behave the same way as I did before. For me, my principles stand way higher than anything else in my life. Because thats the only thing I had received from my parents. the moment I move away from my principles I am more dead than alive.

This episode of my life was the darkest period so far. But as a person I learnt enormous amount.  Now if I see people playing with others I don't feel disturbed because everyone has a right to live the way they please. If others gave an option for them to play with its their fault too. After all nobody promised a fair treatment on this good earth. Also what I learnt is to become emotionally independent. Several people made a fool out of me after 2008 but they miserably failed to hurt me because I crossed the barriers of pain and suffering.  I just chose to be insulated, so be it!

I might sound repeatedly accusatory but don't hold any anger against anyone alive or dead. Since I started doing my spiritual practices I gradually understood the fact that if not them someone else would have done that to me. Perhaps God wants me to go through the furnace and come out stronger. Also,  that episode gave someone as great as Shushmakka to me. As I said before she is the strongest lady I ever saw and till date stands as an inspiration to me. How can I forget the time had spent during those days of despair and self doubt. For several carnations of mine, I would remain indebted to my sis!

let me finish this blog with a saying from Guruji, "physical psin is inevitable mental pain of is optional,  emotional pain is unnecessary".

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,


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