Jai Guru Deva,

For the last several weeks now, I am feeling a lot of void in my professional life. Not sure of the reason exactly but things are not going well for sure. Never went through so many escalations.. Just getting tired of explaining things to people, to management, to the rest of the world actually. Time to take some break and start working but break is something I dont have the luxury of taking a leave anytime in the near future. In 2013, I had worked all through the year without any personal leave. I think things are looking the same way this year also. I had changed my role little bit and landed up in some unknown zone. Its like going to a gun fight with a knife in hand. 

There are several technicalities related to backend servers its easy to decode some zen puzzle than predicting this. Everytime I am managing an escalation there will be a new reason for the issue. No reason comes twice :( I understand that management is all about handling difficult situations and difficult people but the rate of escalations is giving me a feel that I belong to customer care team of some gas agency than anything else. Given this scenario, the obvious questions is why not change the job..Unfortunately, there are not much of roles out there in the market which matches my pay expectations. Frankly, I am looking out for a job change and I am not able to find a suitable job.. may be another of my failure.

Overall, the first trimester of 2016 is a big failure with no learning and running from post to pillar to get things fixed. Definitely not a nice thing!

feeling frustrated.. This too shall pass!

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,


kiran said… are so patient listening to all the nonsense i say karthik!! :)
Wish ,i see you in the best place in the very near future!! :)

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