Rendezvous with Rahasyam!!!

Jai Guru Deva,


A group called teluguflame had come up with a concept of Telugu subtitles to the popular serial "Rahasyam" which is in Tamil. For me, this is like an old friend visiting my house after few decades. Just cant help but watch the serial again and again. I am already downloading all the episodes with telugu subtitles into my personal hard drive. This will be another of my collection along with B.R.Chopra's Mahabharat, Byomkesh Bakshi and Jaspal Bhatti's Flopshow.

Rahasyam, just a TV program for several others but not for me.It took sometime for me to understand what that damn serial means to me. It was an etv serial in 1996-97 time period and I was a big big fan of that serial. Several days I used to finish my home work and come back from tuition just to ensure I dont miss this serial. I distinctly remember once I had complained to my uncle working in electricity department not to have power cut at 8:30 PM on Wednesday because I have to watch Rahasyam at that time :) Its a practice in our house that we should have dinner at 8:30 PM together everyday. (We maintained that rule till I went to hostel in July 2005) During that time, one of things we were discussing was mostly about this serial. My sisters used to have unusual interest in Hindi movies and songs while I have absolutely no business with any non Telugu things (movies or songs or serials). This serial is a dubbed version from Tamil Sun TVs version of Marmadesam. Sometimes my sisters want to watch anything else in the Hindi channels but I was adamant as ever to out power them and watch Rahasyam. One classic incident about Rahasyam serial was on 21st May 1997 which was a wednesday. It was an India-Pakistan cricket match day and it was Rahasyam serial day. This is probably one of those very rare days when I refused to watch cricket and watch something else :) I watched cricket the days before my annually exams. I never had a heart of rock to forgo cricket whatever may the situation be!! 

The story of Rahasyam is a suspense thriller where weird incidents happens in a small village called "Siddara Patti". They called it "Yateendrapuram" in telugu. Whole story is about several mysterious deaths happening in the village mostly by dog bites and attempts by few people from village to understand the reason behind the murders. After half of the serial, the story moves to Madras currently Chennai and a mysterious truck keep killing people for unknown, unexplained reasons. For a mystery lover like me, this is a nothing short of treat. Its like a vegetarian visiting only veg restaurant. I applied all the logic that I know and tried to find who is the villain. Though I couldnt find the villain exactly it so turned out that I doubted the guy to be a potential villain.

Even in school there used to be a lot of discussion about this serial. It will not be over statement to say that people who belonged to me (atleast I believed so) came into my life through this serial. I had spent several lunch hours debating and discussing who is the villain and what is the reason behind several murders. I have very few sweet memories of my school life and this is definitely one of that. Though same people later on called me "junk" after several years of friendship (thats the best word I can find) I cant ignore their role in building up my character. I am, of course grateful for every second they spent with me and every phone call/sms they made to me. My respect to them remains the same though there cant be any friendship left. 

For now, I am enjoying this nostalgic rendezvous with Rahasyam and reminding myself the sweet little things happened in my life during that time.  I had already sent the link to my sisters and sometime all of us will see the serial together, just like in my childhood. Hope my son, nephews and nieces allow that!

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,


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