Favorite Songs -1

Jai Guru Deva,

This series of mine is about some of the songs that are in my youtube play list. Wanted to sit back and understand why I like each of them and what each of them mean to me. All these songs are lyric based songs and not the top of the voice screaming.

The song for this blog is "మౌనంగానే ఎదగమని" from "Naa Autograph" movie. 
The song is written by Chandrbose and Music is by M M Keeravani. More I listen this song my admiration for Chandrabose grew bigger. The context of this song is to motivate the hero and his friends not to lose hope and have the perseverance to achieve their goals in life. The song is a encapsulation of all the positive energy in this planet. No wonder a school for Divyangs in Hyderabad has this song as part of their daily prayer. Such a motivation!!

This song contains several analogies for self motivation from the nature, from society, from puranas and what not. Such a great alignment of words for instantly giving a positive view of things immaterial of the situation. In the middle of the song, a Divyang sings a line along with Bhoomika which takes it to a different level. When we had organized Hrudayaspandana program in Jeevani last year, I had an opportunity to closely work with Divyangs and believe me, every move of their is a source of inspiration. They are mostly independent of others only to show the world that miracles can happen every day. Bhoomika ofcourse a nice actress and this song manifests that one more time. She didnt over act and ensured that the sanctity of lyrics is maintained in er facial expressions.

Personally, I value anything that spreads positive energy. Each of our thoughts, positive or negative have a latent energy with them and the more you entertain that thought you have that kind of energy in you. So it becomes imperative to be positive for achieving any success. For people who are going through a rough phase of life it obviously becomes very very challenging to be positive and come out of that phase. All the great personalities of this planet have somehow or the other figured out a way to remain positive and stay focused on what they want.

Just wanted to conclude this post by saying a big thank you to Chandrbose garu. You are legend sir!

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,


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