Yesterday I asked my fren "'ve u been to the class?" he replied "It was very early in the morning at 11am. so I couldnt turn up". Yes for the ones who go to bed at 5am, 11am is very early. We wake at the noon attend a class or two work for a couple of hours to complete an assignment, watch a movie or two and go to bed again. These are the major events of a typical iitian day. It starts with the lunch, followed by a class or a movie. Dont believe if i say movie every day!! but we have more than thousand films in our LAN and almost all the rooms had a place for the idiot box. while buying people say "My course curriculum consists of more projects" but later they switch on to 'another' projects by an utilization factor of more than one. Till evening 12Oclock(sorry its midnight for others) we go for parties, chit chat in the canteens, play shuttle, billiards and then we feel "its the time for movie" and reach the idiot boxes where ever available. Then we realise the thing that we are supposed to submit an assignment next day so we 'll start working for that and sleep at 5am or 6am.
wait, wait, wait... Ramayana may be complete without the word Rama but iit is not complete without DC++. It is this LAN which is turnin the life at IIT into a bliss. you can get movies varying from 'Sound of music' to 'Basic Instinct', 'Bhukilas' to 'Jambalakidipamba', Advanced softwares like SPSS to games like 'Ages of Empire'. Its a synonym of knowledge and alterego of masti. Adding to these things we had a campus restaurant and lucky restaurant to visit often for our reasonless party celebrations. people search for reasons to celebrate a party and often with awards to Chiranjeevi or SriLankan victory over the Aussies etc.


ravi shankar said…
I would love to join at IIT and enjoy all these priveliges which come by it..
enjoy well...

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