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These words of mine are neither from joy nor from ecstasy but from bitter agony which I experienced after getting cognizance about the present situation of the IPE dept in KSRMCE. Its very unfortunate to hear about the termination of the branch in the next couple of years. It is this branch which created many titans who are pioneering in academic as well as industrial arena. Few epitomes of excellence like are Sheshank(IBM), Pramod(HAL), Ashok(Zuari), Harish(Karvy) etc are only a few to quote. It is by virtue of this branch March 15th of every year is turning in to red letter day in the annals of the college. In fact the best gate rank ever is from IPE itself (Sheshank AIR 10). Even in gate-2005 the students of the department made merry. It is this branch which experienced the managing expertise of legendary C.S.Rao. With my experience of four years in the college I coin IPE, ME, CE as the best departments of the college. I feel that the IPE dept had surpassed the latter in some aspects.
It is for this branch of Engg companies like American airlines, GE etc are offering maximum pay packages which are steady unlike SW. I am in no mood to criticize SW but efficient working of a SW firm requires industrial engineering. Public are with the opinion that only SW gets more money. Any company always offers high package to analyst who by and large will be an industrial engineer. It is this branch which is quite hot in the market and students of other branches are aspiring to do their masters (IE is always inter Disp).
If you are a student of IPE never try to degrade our branch and if you are not a student of IPE department please keep your right hand at your heart and think of the issues I mentioned. Whom so ever you are please try to do something by which the management of the college will come across this message I think its time to appeal them as well.
Note: if you have any issues regarding the aspects I mentioned please mention your id so that I will clear you by statistics and references.


ravi shankar said…
hey karthik
This is ravi shankar.I will not mention my id because u know it.Good news for u,Subba rao Sir is back in KSRM College.Interesting events are taking place in our College.Stay Tuned pal

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