you complain because roses have thorns but you can rejoice saying thorns have roses says a charecter in a comic strip. thats wat i mean to say yeah, optimism.. this is one thing which we require the most to survive in this world. all our deeds are based on the only assumption arising from a concept called optimism. if you google the world "optimism" you will end up in getting 3 crores of results in .21seconds. this number explains you the value world is offering to this word. five years back from now one of my fren gave me quote " meeting and parting is the way of life, parting and meeting is the hope of life" all the so coined winners of life had it in tons and all the mediocres lack in their thinking. now the question is wat is this so called optimism? its not a complex concept like the blackhole theory or stock market analysis. its jus feeling good about yourself, your family, your frens and the society which you live. dont think that your fren dont help you when needed, but do feel great that you are considering a person who dont help you as a fren. most of the indian students complain about the non availability of jobs but they can always think of the oppurtunity to create jobs.i believe all my frens are very optimistic and knowledged enough to identify the person in the adjacent figure. it take pride to keep that picture in my blog. i'll dedicate my next short story (in process of writing) to the one who identifies the women first. above all let me tell you one thing my blood group is A+ve!!!


ravi shankar said…
hai karthik
really sorry for the late arrival..
this was a real treat from u man..
u r going places with ur attitude..and continue doing that.
all the best..

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