almost ten months back i am reading india today magazine and i found an article entitled "US at IITs mercy" this article quoted about the way American congress expressed its grattitude to IITs and also they mentioned a fact that about eight thousands IITians are working in silicon valley and attributed the growth of silicon valley to this fact. after going through this article i thought "how come this many people gets seat in IIT?" then i turned my face to find myself in an IIT. that was really a dream came true for me!!!
now i am doing my summer internship in maruti. on an official visit i went a company called "SONA Steering" there i observed clear difference in the way people treat me once i reveal that i am an IITian. that really astonished me. the facilities, the environment and everything here is fabulous. after going to delhi i found how good my IIT is.
on september 7th 2005, i said to my cousin that IIT is like heaven. now i feel that IITK has surpassed heaven and unfortunately i'm out of words! there is no suitable for word to describe this place. so i jus say "IIT is IIT"
i think this is the third time i'm mentioning about this in my blog. but this place deserve much more times.


Enjoy the Life.
Enjoy the Life.
Vijay said…
Ya, but I just hope that silicon valley were in India. IItians get so much govt subsidy without any bond to work in India, IITs also have very meager spending in research. If anything India needs more Phds, and IIts should become research based for real results for the country. So if an Indian has the capability for a Nobel prize he should get it in India itself. That's why IIts are not the best.

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