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i had a fren named Amritesh who is an active member of Bharath Uday Mission kanpur chapter. though i'm not a member of that chapter i 've the habit of discussing about our nation's future prospects with him. last night our discussion turned on to a concept called "nation's development through self development of individual" i strongly believe that this is the only way to develop our nation. people like motilal nehru, Hegdevar envisioned this long ago but the concept failed to reach the masses of the nation. In the present day i found only Vijay kumar sir of VIMP(my institute) is carrying the flag of self development. two incidents in the recent past provoked me to believe in this philosophy. they are:
Infamous Rakhi Sawant Case:
in this case rakhi sawant publicly admitted that she has kissed mika on his cheek and has no problem if he replied similarly. she attended the party with no cover on her back and a shot instead of trouser.(i feel ashamed to describe a woman like this. i'm sorry rakhi sawant) is this the what our culture taught us? is this what we learnt from our history? replicating the foreigners in dressing dont turn u into a foreigner. if she has become a foreigner she shouldnt have complained on mika!!! i'm in no mood to support mika but i want to tell one thing 'we are INDIANS and we will be INDIANS'. one may call me conservative which i dont mind to be but the issue is with name of fashion,modernisation,open minded etc etc we are loosing the ethics and morals which are the lifeline for self development.
My Experience:
in my way back to kanpur from delhi on this monday i boarded on to shram shakti express at new delhi Rly station. a person sitting in the berth below me is smoking. one bad thing with me is i get vomit sensation when i smell the cigar smoke. (my frens knew it well) so i asked that person to lit off the cigar which he straight forwardly refused and even abused me of not smoking being in a place like kanpur. i simply pointed my fingure to the wall of the compartment on which the consequences of smoking are engraved. i've no anger on him but i rather pity him very much. as he lacks focus on his qualities he became a slave for the dirty habit.(mind u every cigar takes away 7min of ur life span)
Dr Kalam points the same thing as "dare to dream...." Dale Carnegie calls it "personality development", Hegdevar calls it "swayam seva" what ever the name may be it is the same concept. unfortunately none of the present political parties have their focus in this regard. hope atleast paritran values it as i 've succeded to drag the attention of it through Amritesh.


Anonymous said…
I liked ur respect towards nation & culture.Keep it up.
madhuri said…
I felt Proud that as my brother is having Great respect towards our culture & nation.Hey buddy keep it up.
ravi shankar said…
Hai karthik...
yeah..definitely development of individuals leads to the development of Nation.. Youth when they get their priorities right can change the face of the nation... I suggest we Indians shud stop being fooled around and shud establish a strong base for further development....
Ramanadha Reddy said…
I can see the vigour and vitality of a 22 yr old guy. You haven't told how you handled the train-cigar incident. And thanks for the compliment on my blog. But I wish you would not have strong "cuddapaite" regional feeling. Mind you, it id Kadapa now. Wish you all the best. :)
Hi Karthik,

Great message. I like the fact that you are bold about your opinions and do not shy from expressing your love for your country and your fellow citizen.

Keep up the good work.


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