Avimuktam, AnandaKaranam..

Exactly one week ago by this time I'm in Kanpur Central Rly station to take a train for my dream trip. I'm going to a place potrayed as Avimuktam, AnandaKaranam.. that is what the ancient saints praised that place. A place of real pious atmosphere and the presence of divinity can be experienced in every corner of the place. Hindus dream of visiting the place atleast once, a dream heaven of Bharatharatna Bismilla Khan. Yes, I'm referring to the holiest place on the earth. you may call it "KASI", "BENARAS", "VARANASI" or anything else. According to a story, the place is called the second wife of Lord Siva. I feel very fortunate to be there. our journey took off with a late arrival of mine and missing the IITK bus to rly station.(got enough scoldings for dt). later everything went like a dream. We could do the Rudrabhishekam in the holy Bramha Muhurtam. Later went on to see the Golden idol of sree Annapurna Devi apart from the sacred Visalaxi temple. after that doing meditation in the river ganga made me euphoric. I bathed in Ganga at Rishikesh but in kasi it was really superb. the site of corpse burning drags our focus to an eternal fact that "Flesh and Bones are no permanennt" and the site of Choultry near by mentions that "deeds are always permanent". the 64 ghats of kasi, the rivers varuna and asi stands as the explaination of the name.
Regarding the temple, words are no way sufficient to describe the greatness. the site of Golden covering given by Raja Ranjit singh of Punjab to the temple stands as a miracle to our eyes. the remains of ancient temple(later destroyed by Aurangazeb) shows us how rich our country was and glorious our ancesstors were. every stone and pillar of the temple appears to carry the divine power. thats why the place itself is a Jyotirlinga(generally the idol would be).
It is called as Avimuktam, AnandaKaranam because in the period of great Doom to human race, Lord siva or Rudra will hold varanasi at the tip of his weapon, trisulam.
It is called AnandaKaranam because the ppl who see the sacred Annapurna idol will never face hunger in their life.
"I dedicate this post of mine to the holy feet of Lord Kasi Visweswara.
Om Namah Sivaaiah
Om Namah Sivaaiah
Om Namah Sivaaiah"


Anonymous said…
hi karthik, another good post from you, this time devotional. keep it up.
i am sorry i used your post vandemataram and posted it on mine without your permission, but to continue the discussion on the same topic, and i mentioned the source first.

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