stupidity at its best!!!

ever since the attack on the Indian parliament all the political parties condemned the attack and appealed to deal the terrorism with iron hand. but when it comes to reality what matters most for the political parties is their repective vote banks and their own personal interests. It is a matter of shame dt an Indian State has a person like Gulam Nabi Azad as its CM. being the chief minister of a state he is voicing against the ruling of the nation's apex court. this is happening only in India and this can happen only in India. as long as the Indian race sleep in the myth of peace, tolerance etc and forget things called self esteem no terrorist in the country can be properly convicted. I really nevr understand in which we are going. some ppl say we dont sing the national song, some ppl say release the culpricts, some say divide the land etc and we tolerate all these saying words like democracy, power of expression etc. everyone speaks about the fundamental rights of the ppl but conviniently ignore the fundamental duties of a citizens. if you 've the right to speak at the same time its ur duty to safegaurd the national interests. as long this fact is established nothing much anyone can do abt our future. an if we dont establish this fact.. soon there will be a day.. where ppl say "once upon a time there was a country called inida which has a gr8 culture..."


Anonymous said…
Very nice post on our Stupid politicians karthikeya.

these politicians are the real cause of India's backwardness today.

People say, "If some Muslim rulers or the Europeans had not ruined India, we would have been enjoying the status of a Developed country." this is not true at all.

If India was ruled by our Great leaders who got independence for us for many years, and had those great leaders have anticipated this kind of stupid politicians while making our constitution, the conditions would have been really different.

I really dont understand why some millions of Indian fools are electing this kind of Idiots or stupids as our rulers.

If i were to give an interview to any national TV channel, and if i am provided the security from these stupid politicians, i can clearly say my words to the nation like this, "Why can't the terrorists or someone really kill all these stupid politicians instead of killing innocent people? Atleast terrorists are better than these, as they say what they do and they do what they say, but our politicians are disguised terrorists. Out of 540 or some 500+ MPs, only 40 or 50 may be Good, and the others....!!!"

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