Murder on the Orient Express

i guess its time i come out of all the things happening around me and be back to "MY LIFE" and i was thinking what should i write about next? while browsing through the folder of my PC i found the pdf named "Murder on Orient Express"and here i'm writing about it. i read the book a long ago but still fell excited whenever i see that pdf.
since childhood i'm very fond of detective stories and made my debut with the one and only 'The Hound of Baskervilles' after that i read a lot of similar books starring dearest Sherlock Holmes, cunning Hercule Poirot, shrewd Perry Mason and Miss Maple. To be frank i'm an ardent supporter of Sherlock for his intellectual skill set and the way he executed his plans. Even then i never wrote about any of them, not even about "Valley of Fear". but today i'm writing about "Murder on the Orient Express". the novel does not consists of any scientific method of reasoning or any other method of deduction. its simply plain and soft thinking based on human psychology. thats the reason i would say this is my favorite detective. i know all my friends from the Sherlock Holmes community would like to bury me.(if they want to do so, i request them to bury me at 221B,Baker Street :D). with due respect to all the sherlock's adroit problem solving skills, Perry's consummate argumentative skills (also to the beautiful looks of Della Street :) ) I would say Poirot comprehensively won the fray. In many of the detective stories i read i could make out who is going to be the culprit (atleast after reading 70-80%) but in case of this book i was completely clueless and barking at possible wrong trees. Thats Agatha at her best! i have read only a few of her 92 novels, but i'm sure none would be better than this one. at the end of the novel all you r left with is awe and a feeling of admire towards Agatha.
Hats off Agatha! May God keep your soul in his lap!

* And i could not resist from thanking my God brother Ashok for giving me a nice explaination for the question i posed in my earlier post. Thank you very much Anna, Karthik is indebted to you.


Anonymous said…
all ur writing are reflecting ur behaviour and strait forwardness like respect towards society and i feel that ur parents are soo lucky to have a child like u.


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