Trust: an Expectation?

there are many questions in my mind right now, for which i wish to have answers. Among all of those the very basic is the clarity between 'trusting a person' and 'expecting something from a person'. i'm completely responsible for all the happenings in my life and i deserve all of them: good or bad. what i am confused right now is believing some one an expectation? is the thought that someone is ethically strong as the way you are is an expectation? i dont really have an answer. my boss was saying y'day ' the whole world is selfish only the scale of selfishness varies from person to person'. had it been sometime earlier i would have differed him but now i'm very much convinced that its true. I feel fortunate that God gives me opportunity to think about these kind of things by giving perfectly suited situations. its completely fine with me. i can manage the joy which comes in the due course and i can bear the pain if at all any. given any situation I always have people who are ready to listen what ever crap I tell and to console me or share my joy if at all any.
so again i come to square one: is trust and expectation same or different? because i believe in a principle 'if 99 of my friends cheated me even then i will believe in the 100th one' but it seems the roots of my thought are seriously hampered and i need to rebuild them.

actually i saved this post to write about my convocation but this topic seems more relevant given the kind of relations people have these days.


Karthik, probably you have had a paradigm due to which you may think that 'Trust' is an expectation, if not always, at least for a moment.
Of course there is selfishness in every person and the magnitude varies with every person. But according to me, with the wisdom I gained recently by reading "The 7 Habits of Highly effective people" and "The Monk who sold his Ferrari" makes you to believe again that 'Trust is a must in life and not just an expectation'. Like it is said in Bhagavadgita, we need not worry about the result but we only are interested in our job. the "7 Habits.." book speaks about "principle centeredness". For a principle centered person, trust can be an asset.

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