Indian Muslims or Indians or Muslims???

this is something which i was thinking to blog for a long long time. At the end of this update ppl might resort to report abuse my blog. i dont mind it as long as i stand for what i believe through my heart and soul. A couple of days back Shabana Azmi remarked that she could not buy a house in Mumbai for the reason that she is a muslim. Similarly Mohd.Azharudin claimed that he is facing the match fixing offense for the reason that he is a minority. These are a couple of statements which are showing the moral bankruptcy among the people. Did Azharuddin forgot that he is a muslim when he is made the captain of Indian cricket team? Is Shabana Azmi under any spell when she is awarded the best actress award many times? why didnt she cry foul at that time saying its because of her religion. Show me one country in the planet where the so called minorities are giving the same value and treatment we are giving them. people might point out the issues like Babri Masjid and 2002 Gujarat riots but how about the atrocities done by muslims on this holy land? i'm not advocating any vendetta on them. Also in these controversies both the parties has to be blamed. everybody knew how the Godhra express caught on fire. who damaged the temples starting from benaras to the local temple.This is the only country which spared someone even after refusing to sing the national song. you can refer to my post 'vandemataram' which i wrote a couple of years back. i'm in no mood of accusing muslims or alleging something on them. my point is just that muslims are living in this country for the last 1400 years(since 712A.D.) and its high time they realize that they are no way discriminated on the ground of religion and come out of the insecurity feeling. As long as the Indian constitution works muslims will be safe and they has to be safe. Regarding discrimination every one in this country has faced discrimination in some way or the other in some means or the other. I did not get a seat in Sri Venkateswara University College of Engg because of the reason that I belong to a so called forward caste. and if discrimination based on religion is true how can we get a visionary such as his majesty Dr. KALAM and the presidents we have earlier? many muslims has got the award of BHARATHARATNA which is the highest civilian award of the country. there was a mail written to the HINDU a couple of days ago saying are four presidents and three khans of bollywood are enough for representing muslim development. they might not be sufficient but who is stopping other muslims to emulate them? who is imposing rules on Sania Mirza about her dress? who started the Amarnath row?? i could not understand how can hundred tents change the demography of kashmir?
today I came across a news that a Muslim dominated colony of mumbai has formed a set of directives for stopping terrorist activities in their neighborhood. I felt very happy seeing that. may be its first sign of change in Muslims!!


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Thanks for writing this.

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