this is again something which i want to write for a long long time. now i'm very much emotionally charged up with all possible set backs and i could see myself in a place where i'm left with nothing to lose. well, let me not become too personal and write start about religion.
there is a great word in Sanskrit called "Dharma" which mentions the duties a person has to perform in his life time. English language do not have an equivalent for that and it was replaced by "RELIGION". so the misconceptions started right from the outset. Religion mean a way or a set of rules which people has to follow for the peaceful functioning of the society. Why is this needed? cant we live without it? yes! you can live without it, but if you are to be called a human you need some rules to monitor yourself and thats what exactly religion is!!
A couple of days some one on the net was making an appeal that human being has to come beyond religions claiming that religions are the cause for all possible disasters happening today. I think this logic is one of the weirdest of logics which i ever heard. Did any religion asked you to kill another human being? did Prophet Mohd. asked any muslim to kill people? Did Jesus Christ called for any crusade? if at all he called so, it was against ur own flaws! Bhagavadgita mentions that ego is the cause of all misery and there is no mention of killing people for fun or for power.
Then why does present day men are killing each other taking the name of the religion? these people will kill each even if there is no religion!! true, religion is just a reason to satisfy their sadistic pleasure. if at all there are no religions Osama Bin Laden would have killed people saying that all of them have a straight nose. Within the religions again people have differences and the same killing is happening. the Shias dont like Sunnies and vice versa. same is the case with catholics and protestants. Ancient India has also seen fights between the followers of Shiva and Vishnu. So religion is not the reason for all these problems. Now lets concentrate on Japan and China where there is no mention of religion. Japanese dont like Chinese and vice versa. A Korean friend of mine once mentioned, India and Pakistan might unite but not China and Japan!
Another logic adding to this is everything is created by God and why should we see differences. in this regard all i need to say is "you need not be a Muslim to respect Islam" and I need not be a Christian to say Hail Mary!
All I want to say is human being should come out of the feeling of hatred not out of religions. everybody has a right to practice their own religion. At the end of the day Religion is a show off! how you want to show yourself to others!!

Love you all !!


Ashok said…
A great post Karthik.
If every rich Muslim has at least tried to donate or feed a poor Muslim in this world, then the whole world would become Muslim.
Similary if every Christian had tried the same, there should not be a poor Christian in this world.
No exception for Hindus even. If every rich Hindu has tried to donate to his fellow Hindus, then all of India would have become prosperous.
If any of the above are not happening today, then why to say the name of Religion.
That is why I say, “Religion is for the soul and for the society”. For the society ‘Humanism’ is the best religion, if it can be understood well.

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