Ethics:where are you??

last Saturday I went through an article in Eenadu paper which is here I was simply shocked to read it. off late i'm getting used to all sorts of shocks possible in the planet but never dreamt people would go on to such a level. That lady in the end expresses her helplessness by saying "i dont know whom to blame". i think its not about blaming someone. its all about believing someone. these kind of experiences enrich us by making us realize even these kind of people are there in this world. but I should accept the fact these kind of things creates distrust among the victims. I'm damn confident that the lady would nevr share her agony with anyone again and by doing that she would not give the luxury of being her close friend to anyone again. but my feeling is that we should continue believing people despite these kind of shocks. Because doubting someone is an insult to the relation. its very easy to be said than done. I had a similar discussion with my friend and he was with the opinion that "its our mistake to give that luxury of "friend" to them. it was always us who entertained them" but its human to share our agony. I accept the logic that people are not junk yards to throw our agony at them, but actually thats the time when one human needs another. thats the time when we need people around us, coz humans generally would been going through a feeling of "I'm deserted". Having said this I'm not blaming someone is unethical or immoral, but i'm certainly saying someone out there is not courteous enough to be a "friend". Coz friendship or any relation is all about trust and if thats missing then i'm sorry to say that the relation is dead which lost its soul called "trust". but its not time to scold or curse them. They are not worth our anger. lets pity such people for the kind of life they live.

Sarvejana  Sukhinobhavantu


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