lessons, exams and answers

yesterday I went across the following quote:

"In studies you learn lessons first and then get exams
In life you get exams first and then learn lessons"

this made me think a lot about the exams which life throws at you and the way people want us to learn lessons. If something out of hands happen, we should understand that there is a lesson to be learnt for you and here is the reminder. But if someone who knew you well play with you as long as they can and then say " I know you would be hurt but thats the way it is and you should learn a lesson from this". I'm sorry!!! I am out of words to explain what I would be going through then. In that case what is the so called lesson to be learnt??? the only answer I found is to forgive them, for God's sake not cursing them.

Now, the answers part for the exams which life throws at us. The only answer available is to stick to your principles. By principles I clearly mean things like Honesty, Trustworthiness etc. when I was thinking about this I recalled a conversation I had with a friend about love marriages. His complaint was about the generation gap between him and his parents. I asked him what it is and explain it a bit more clearly. The only answer I got was "they are not accepting my love". thats a fair enough answer and I didnt poke much about this then. But thinking of such instances, now I realize how much attached parents are to their principles. Many stay being with principles is very hard and not 'practical' in the present day. Let me give an example: they are some people who dont eat in a place where Non-veg is prepared on sides with veg (even I dont eat in McDee or KFC) and many are with the belief that its very difficult to be so in these days. Now, I met a person who never ate in any such eatery in his life despite staying in US for the last 23 years, of which the first 7-8 years are his bachelor life. that was a real eye opener for me and prompted me to take a serious resolution. Something really inspiring!

Now, coming back to principles, I always respect those parents who oppose marriage of their children against their like(I mean intercaste or any other reason). Its absolutely rubbish to expect someone who lived 55-60 years with those principles to accept the crap(love) which you did.

I dare use harsh words because this is what exactly I mean by words like " I know you would be hurt but thats the way it is and you should learn a lesson from this"
you know someone would be hurt by your deeds, still you go after that so called Juliet and in the end asks them to accept. The best word comes to my mind to describe this "VOMIT". As I observe the predominant trend is to throw this at parents' face by a letter. People cant say it straight on face coz even they also knew deep in their heart they r doing something wrong.

I am not talking about morals, ethics etc, end of the day its just a matter of one little thing called "courtesy" towards your belongings. I am not talking about ethics, morals etc because I dont know what exactly they are! I am waging a war to find them and I got defeated time and again in that. But I still fight! may be a lost game :(


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