bye bye 2008

2008-- the year unforgettable.
It is one more year, another 366 days!!!
it all started with a mail saying I have violated a company policy and made a criminal out of me. I took it very easily joking with my friends about it. That was a perfect indication of what was about to follow. Starting with the month-end of Jan, a lot happened all through the year. In Feb I went to Ashram in Chennai from where i had some unbelievable conversation with my mother. Later on things were looking settled slowly but steadily. In the same month my sister got married and all of my family were on cloud 9!! Then by the end of March things seem to have settled and my sister had left to USA. The month of march and April witnessed me working solely on a project and it was my first success in the professional career. On the personal front, these months were much better than Jan and Feb as there are no sensations. In the month of May, I started the similarity project which is a global project and which i didnt take seriously then. Apart from that I attended my convo function which is a dream come true for my family. I would give my life for the sake of glow I saw in my parents' eyes. My father was all praising me after that. My mom even now tells to the neighbors that her son made her travel in plane (which neither her dad nor her husband did!!!) as if it was a nobel prize.
then came the month of june carrying many moments which i wish to forget! I took a promise from some friends of mine not to disclose how i was doing then. On a professional front was very much comfortable with similarity and the new research initiative which we took. In the month of July I completed one year of corporate life and the following week made me to receive the star of the month award from the CEO. But i just dont want to look into how things were on my personal front, thank God!! I crossed them.
The month of August saw Rajnish sir leaving for Oz which opened a new Bangalore for me. Life along side a person like Rajnish sir was always enriching. on the professional side things was very much bizarre as i did some mistakes . I was very much frustrated as things were really bad on every side. that was really a testing time for me. I dont know how many times I thought of leaving the country but "Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha". I simply cant ignore my duty, karthik is not built to give up the fight, come what may!!
then the month of September and October were mainly accounted for the Acturial applying and preparing for the exams. I suffered some loses on the personal front as a close relative of mine had passed away. but by this time I became immune of what happened. So i wasnt hurt much.
then the month of November was completely dedicated to Similarity project which was very much on track. And again some old ghosts haunted me by making some unbearable deeds, nonetheless thats their nature I cant help it.
And the last one month gave a tough time as a professional with some mistakes made by me. some silly, some unexpected making a big list of issues for me.
overall, 2008 gave me another gud brother-in-law, another gud relation, an extended family in bangalore, a good bike to ride on (not a license though :) ) and on the flip side witnessed some people walking out of my life giving a tag of junk for me!!


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