Human Relations-2

almost 20months ago, in Feb 2007 i have written an article by name 'human relations' which consists of a story from chandamama. purposefully i didnt make any conclusion in that and left it to the readers. At that time I have seen incidents around me which just shattered me and those made me to think abt issues like personal relations, human relations etc. Before I realise time passed very fast and here I am thinking about same issues once again. The reason this time is the recent police shootout of three youngsters and mixed response which it got from the society.
what went wrong?? this is the million dollar question which everyone wants to find an answer. there are differences between that girl and that guy and it reuslted in a breakup which he could not bear so attacked her with acid, then police shot those three guys. Now, the whole story has to be seen in two compartments, one till pouring acid and the other is shooting of those guys.

In the first episode, I cant say whether the guys did a mistake or the gal because no one knew clearly what went wrong b/n them. As I understand the feeling of desertedness and the feeling of deceived by our own people is the one which hurts humans most. I observed in one of the "whisky Lovers" community that many drink just because, some one has deserted him/her. So the heartbreak of those guys is reasonable but every human in this world has a right to live their life in their own way. So you cant say the gal did the mistake. then who on the earth did the mistake??? and I opine its the mistake of the whole society. we reached a certain stage where ethical behaviour has become an "expectation" from others :( we encourage movies where a hero needs a fiancee irrespective of his financial/family/educational/social circumstances. our films cant show a loving father as a hero. We cant see a hero achieving a target unless the target is heroin. As a socitey we didnt grew up and these kind of things are the penalty we pay for our immaturity. Just to remind this is the nth incident happened since I started following the news regularly. No one bothered to think how the present generation is peceiving relations. I observed in one of the blogs where a gal says to a boy 'I asked whether you are ready to marry me or not, but never told that I will marry you'. thats a fantastic point logically but life doesnt always go by logic.

And the second incident, which i consider is more worrying. If the police itself starts behaving like mere mercinaries then wts the good of law and IPC? and even worse situation is that woman welfare organizations are in ecstasy after that. where are we going?? if the woman welfare organizations feel that woman needs to be treated in a better way there are many other ways of showing it. Our media is already baised towards woman and they made most out of this opportunity. A crime happend is only the climax of the story and we are masters at fixing the roles of hero and villan only with climax. Now these woman organizations are saying that police did the rihgt thing?? but who is responsible for the heartbreak which that guy went? and if police did the right thing then the acid thing should also be correct.

the crux of these two things lie in the increasing violence in our society. A clear indicator of this is the number of telugu films getting 'A' certificate is increasing year by year.
Just to remind: "POKIRI" the sensational hit in tollywood also got 'A'


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