Happy birthday Ramu!

today, its 1st April. popularly known as All Fools day!!
its only a wild coincidence that some one like Ramu born on this day.
There will be many people in our lives who will help us if we ask them but there will be only a few who will help us before we asking them, and they are called as "FRIENDS". Ramu certainly belongs to that category and always my trustworthy friend. I would cherish each and every moment of my life which i spent with him, may it be in the bus journey from the college or the lunch hour or the subject discussions in the library. I still remember how he grinned at me and said "its ok" after I blasted him for neglecting the call from IITB. only he can do that. thinking about it, now I realize only very few will have that courage to face, when some one criticizes our deeds. dts the reason he is always a friend to cherish. I just wrote some memories of mine in my telugublog. I wish to write much more but space is always a limit.
once again, many happy retuns of the day Ramu. I might be near or away from you but my best wishes will always be with you. Enjoy MAADI!!!



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