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its a long time since i'm thinking to go for a trek. because of all the crap happened over the last one year or so i never gave a thought to my bliss dimension of life. whatever happened is all due to the way i'm built so i cannot escape. now comin to the trek, the trek was to antargange which is 60km from bangalore and was organised by bangalore mountaineering club. As usual i went to the trek alone by knowing which people went almost mad but i said to them "Lion hunts alone sorry now treks alone :) :)" it was actually more of crawling and jumping than walking. As the important thing is cave exploring than walking it was very good and went without any major hussle. the only big comedy happened is went the guy who came as a help to the guide felt that he mislead us to some wrong side. another important thing which i observed is children of 7-8 years age also participated. I felt glad for them, because my mom dont want me to do it even though i'm 25. most of the people who came to the trek were in big groups and i was an outlier in every sense. because i'm going for the first time despite 2 yrs of stay in bangalore and also i was going alone. but i never felt any problem as such, the only place where i felt little bad is there is no one to take a snap of mine when i was crawling so all my pics are when i was standing or when we sat for a break. overall it was a good experience for me. thanx to the BMC team who made everything go really well and the amount of 450/- is really worth it. thanx a lot!!!
I wrote a detailed version of my trekking in my telugu blog


ravi shankar said…
did the lion find any hunting material.. ??
karthik said…
hey prof..
I already corrected it as "lion treks alone " :)
Also, I'm not game for any hunting.


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