Sathvik's 2015

Jai Guru Deva,

Last couple of weeks had been so crazy that I couldnt finish my yearly review. I think with this one I will be completing yearly review for ten consecutive years. Thats something.. Sabash :))

The most happening thing in my life is Sathvik. He smiles for no reason screams for everything and anything. Runs around without any breaks and keep falling down time and again. To him, it doesnt matter whether something infront of him is a human or an object, he will just climb. Thats Sathvik Indrakanti!!

Early 2015, I had thought a lot for selecting the name for Sathvik. Apart from Sathvik, I was thinking of Saketh, Kaustubh and even Shashank. But when I was listening to the sacred chantings of Lord Shiva, one of them is Sathvik and I had immediately finalized this. I really wanted to name him as Shankar after my Guruji Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji but either the letter was not matching, or name was not suiting or some other thing was happening. On a professional side, first half of 2015 was crazy because of several escalations regarding the forecasting process that I own. Actually these started in second half of 2014 and continued till April 2015. I was working even in the week when Sathvik was born. No respite what so ever!!

Once Sathvik and Sowmya came to Bangalore, its case of pan to fire :))  had to manage a lot of more things now than before. But one resolution that I took is to spend atleast two hours of quality time with Sathvik and I think I had stick to that for about 80% of the year, which is a decent start. I had started declining meeting invites if its not suiting me. Not sure I ever did this before in my career. However, the other side of the coin is that I am doing a lot projects/activities that are directly impacting the business. Something that I work on is shared in the all employee meeting on a quarterly basis.

On the spiritual dimension I had done my blessing course for which I was waiting for a long time. For several years, the thought of me blessing someone sounded ridiculous and silly to me. Part of the reason is that I am the youngest in my family and I always got blessing but never gave :)) However, I understood that its not me who is blessing but the holy Guru parampara. I'm just a medium nothing more than that. When you take medicine in a spoon to cure your ailment, you praise the medicine not the spoon. Same way, when I bless some one its actually the divine grace, its actually Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji not me.

In the second half of the year most of my time has gone in my preparations for going abroad. Till now they had not given any positive result which is very frustrating. The reason I'm so keen now is because once Sathvik grows up we will have to think of his education and there will be several dependencies. So its a case of now or never. However, like several things in my life I leave this one also to the almighty. If I'm not able to go abroad despite my efforts may be there is some divine motive for me to stay back. I respect that!!!

I had done my advance course in August which is very soothing. In the middle of the course I had tears of gratitude for the joy I had experienced. Its something like meeting your best pal after a long time and laughing at all the silly things you did together. Thats silence for me. I was with me looking at me, observing me, analyzing me and experiencing the ultimate bliss.

On the professional side, I had become a far better project manager than before. Particularly while dealing with people. I never had issues when I am working on something all by myself. But often I faced issues when driving others to work. I think I had improved significantly in this area in the second half of this year. Still a long way to go!

Two of my close friends, Sameer and Prabha got married this year. My best wishes to them. And on 1st Nov 2015 we had celebrated first birthday of Sathvik.

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,


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