financial mgt..

by keeping this title i'm not referring to the financial issues a person involved but i 'm mentioning about the course which i did this semester. this was taught to us by Dr.phani covering a vast domian of syllabus. this was and this will be the toughest course for me in IITK. when course started which BEA i thought that it 'll be a cake walk to me as i've got exposure to those concepts in btech. as the time passed on the course turned to be more case oriented. as i'm pasionate about cases i enjoyed doing them. but the real problem was the first midsem. i thought that i did very well and expected good marks but in practical i managed very meagre marks. i found my mistakes and worked to overcome them. then a catastrophe came by name of bond evaluation. this has the base of time value of money. as i did time value of money i thought i can do better in the next mid. but i'm proved to be totally wrong. i onceagain ended with a score less than the average. this time my professor called me and warned me to work well. another good thing here is my prof revealed that if we keep ourself cool his exam will be done. i dont know what to do, because i've not wasted any time in that due course. but i held my nerve and prepared for the end sems. i alays had my profs words at the back of my mind and prepared psychologically. i made strategies imagining various types of questions in the exam. by the time of end sems we entered capital budgeting and WCM. i prepared questions from each and every session trying my own answers for them. this really fetched me a lot as i turned out to be in the 7th person from the top. among the mtech students i topped the course. this happened with the eternal grace of almighty and my well wishers blessings. i felt tensed after the exam as its an objective type. basically our prof is an expert in confusing the students with his MCQs. many ques have multiple answers and many have 'none of the above' as answers.
as i'm leaving iit i'm not sure when 'll i get a chance to update my blog again.


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