IME rocks

i dont really know how to start this post.. let me put it this way
IME rocks
IME rocks
IME rocks
yes this is what happened in the fourth floor of "celebrations" last friday evening. it was a great evening for all of us. as it is the last function with our beloved seniors we thought it should be memorable for all of us. and it turned to be so. we reserved the fourth floor of "celebrations" and we are supposed to reach there by 7pm. but my class mates are too punctual to do that. so we started at the hostel by 7pm and reached there by 7:45pm. then started the real event. we called each of our seniors on to the dais and interviewed, ragged, discussed with them. to be precise we had a great fun with them. the conversation from the hotseat went as follows:
mayank sir: the first to take the hot seat.
we people forced him to do tell the embarassing moments of his life and he explained his college ragging incident. though he told only one incident we made many inferences from that incident. he also sang the famous farewell song ' kabhi alvidana kehna..'
next to take the hot seat was pankaj sir.
pankaj sir: he explained about their seminars in IIT and ppl asked him some tricky questions like " is the number of ur orkut communities more than the number of frens?" though he got a bit of discomfort we njoyed a lot. he also explained how sunita ma'm talks which was the highlight of the party.
our class mimicry hero aditya invited Rushikesh by imitated his voice.
rushi sir: he also explained about their seminars in RRKS class. God, those were really tresure to 've and cherish in future. then again adi(aditya) imitated his voice and completed his role.
nextly the junta wanted shashi sir to adore the hotseat.
shashi sir: he is as cool as ever and told how he time passed his seminar by using the words ' good bad worst'. then our class pandey asked him the reason for denying drink in their job party.
then its the turn of most wanted person vinod sir.
vinod sir: he is the person doing a lot of masti there among the audience. now all the people asked him as many questions as possible. he answered many and escaped from some. later he sang a bhojpuri song and concluded his part.
then we asked the most famous senior saurabh aggarwal.
saurabh sir: he explained all his romantic experiences all thru the life. later explained the psychology of girls as he is the expert in that area.
last but not the least its the turn of only girl in the party. sunita ma'm entered the hot seat.
every one of us ahve questions for her. and she is patient enough to answer all the questions. later she told what she think of about each of the juniors. bade bhaiyya(mohit) is declared as the favourite junior and i am declared to be so sweet.
then we took dinner with many items like pineapple raita, a couple of rice items, butter nans, ice cream, sweets etc. after that a long and weird photo session took place. inumerable number of photos has been taken as we 've three cameras. then ppl got haywards 6000 and all the drinkers' club of IME posed before the cameras. some one scolded me for not drinking and i turned into the role of photographer. after the official party concluded we moved on to our favourite spot in iit i.e. ashok's canteen, hall-4. we had much fun here than in celebrations. guys like deepak and adi imitated raka and KS. yogi imitated pankaj sir's action and that was the talk of the night.
then at about 1am we bid adieu to the seniors. and we once again screamed that
IME rocks
IME rocks
IME rocks
thanx to all the GTI members for their valuble contribution.


ravi shankar said…
surely dude..farewell party rocks..that is one of the gala events in one's college life...
having a ball..huh..

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