Adieu Dada!

it was yesterday another stalwart of Indian cricket called it a day. the Prince of Kolkata has quit the office. you cant listen the Royal Bengal tiger roar anymore. you cant find those off drives which reminds of classics like the "Sound of Music". Time, the biggest rival of a sportsman has succumbed Sourav. Men rise, men fall only names remains forever. Sourav Ganguly will be long remembered not only for his cricketing skills but also for many other things. Many captains make their teams win by lifting the team up with their performances and strategies on the field. But only few, make the team capable of winning even though they are out of the team. It is just by building a winning team. That is what precisely done by all the great captains. It is Steve Waugh who built a winning team for the Aussies, so despite his departure the team is still winning. It is Imran Khan for Pakistan who created a bunch of next gen. winners in Pakistan cricket, It is AB for Oz who made them believe that they can beat the Windies and it is certainly the prince of kolkata for India who has shown the way of winning. Winning is not everything but rather the only thing. He backed all the young gen. coming up starting from Bhajji, Viru, Zak,... and the list goes on. Even in IPL he gave the new ball to Ashok Dinda the young gun. the latest addition into the list is M.Vijay. Kris Srikkanth admitted that Dada endorsed Vijay as an opening option. with the bunch of young and unproven players he has contended Tugga's men at the "Final Frontier". and he defeated Steve in his own game called "mind game". Making Steve Waugh wait for the toss was something which I would never forget. Though the Oz media called him as the serial offender, he is a night mare to him. Many say that its Sourav's misfortune that he was to play on side of Sachin, but even in a era of Sachin, Sourav won laurels. Every generation is fortunate to see some legends playing, others just miss them. My brother used to say that I was unlucky to miss the heroics of King Richards, now I'll tell the coming generations "Look kids, if at all there is any God on the offside of a Cricketing ground He should be Sourav Chandidas Ganguly and you folks never watched him play. I pity you for that"

PS: I have grown up watching Sachin, Kumble, Dada, Dravid playing for the country. Now as all these players are quitting may be its time I stop following cricket completely. Already I stopped watching the matches live.


ravi shankar said…
I too think the same way as you do (in P.S).. as someone who saw dada,sachin,dravid,jumbo. I think my cricketing future too seems to be over... :) .. I cannot keep comparing the present gen with these ppl as I keep failing to come up with at least some gud with these guys..

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