story: an eye opener!!!

off late i'm repeatedly facing a question: "how on the earth I deserve this?" there are some things which I strongly believe I dont deserve and I still stand at the receiving end. well, in a series of questions like 'how can any one be so inhuman?' 'isnt there something called courtesy in this world?' I asked my mentor this question "how on the earth I deserve this?" what mistake did I commit? By virtue I accept any criticism on a positive note. there is nothing called a "bad choice of words". coming to the present issue, Sir told me the story of a saint living in Benaras. one day he went to bath in Ganga and observed a scorpion floating on the water and trying to save its life. he then tries to hold it and put out of water. As soon as he touches it, it bites him bitterly. once it bites he leaves it on to the water. after a few moments he again tries to throw the insect out of water but it bites him again. This series happens for quite sometime and the disciples ask him "R U a fool to help the poisonous insect?" then the saint replies "Its his nature to bite wt ever comes his way! and its my nature to save anyone drowning".
I was very much touched to listen this. It perfectly fits into the present world. Its the nature of the people to hurt us and it should be us to forgive. if not me who else will forgive these feeble who r blind with self deception.
I know for sure one day people will need me and they will need me very badly. and I wish I would be around them till then but I'm not sure how far I can be of help by then. This is what I precisely tell to all my friends. who knows how life goes? who knows when we need whom? EOD courtesy is something which is very much missing in the relations and that is something which is making me feel bad. people need not love others but they can be a little courteous to others, after all it costs nothing.

****this is my 60th update which means i got a first class in blogging :) thanx to Ravi who asked me to start a blog


Good post Karthik. The RGP concept (Really Good Person) by Robin Sharma also speaks about the same thing. "We should not be bad because others are bad, instead we should be good because we are good" is the best strategy of a RGP.

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